China National Heavy Duty Truck Casting and Forging Center Improves the Quality of Front Axle Steering Cylinder Head

In the second venture, China National Heavy Duty Casting and Forging Center “has long-lasting ambition, strives for quality, creates excellent results”, and aims to maintain and improve the quality of existing products, and strengthen awareness, technology improvement, and process monitoring. Product quality has been significantly improved. As of the second phase of the first phase of the second venture, the first-phase monthly scrap rate of 7 tons of China National Heavy Duty Casting and Forging Center 3° is 1.0% (plan ≤ 2.0%); the monthly rate of AZ9100413062/63 knuckle is 1.94% (plan ≤ 2.0% ); cylinder outside the monthly scrap rate of 2.34% (plan ≤ 2.8%); cylinder cover external monthly scrap rate of 3.86% (plan ≤ 4.0%).

Clear direction of responsibility

On the one hand, China National Heavy Duty Casting and Forging Center completes the quality responsibility assessment system, quantifies various quality responsibility targets, implements post responsibilities at various levels, improves management efficiency, and thus improves product quality; on the other hand, it implements quality Performance pay is included in the pay distribution system for all employees to improve the overall quality responsibilities. At the same time, quality personnel are trained in quality awareness, quality risk prevention, and anti-corruption education to improve the professional quality of quality personnel.

The casting and forging center will reduce the scrap rate of the main products such as front axles, knuckles, cylinder blocks, and cylinder heads as a quality improvement project in 2011 and will implement it as planned. In the quality management work, the Casting and Forging Center regards quality auditing as an effective means for quality management of enterprises, vigorously carries out quality cost accounting and internal special audit work within the company, and holds quality improvement seminars on a monthly basis to ensure the top 5 quality of after-sales failures. Problem formulation and rectification plan. External suppliers are subject to a two-party review to ensure that the production and quality control processes of external suppliers are adequate, appropriate, and effective.

Technical improvements show results

The heavy-duty casting and forging center of China National Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd. set up a special technical research group for the situation that the 7 ton 3° front axle scrap rate is relatively high. The section design of the over-round corners of the die and the leaf springs and I-beam sections was modified and repaired according to the improvement plan. Grinding 16T roller forging die to match the roller forging die with the forging die cavity; through the revision of the raw material technology agreement, the uneven distribution of internal stress during the production process is improved, and through the heat treatment test and material test, the reduction of the forging cracking after the heat treatment is achieved. For the purpose of the situation, the objective of successfully achieving a 7 tons 3° front axle monthly scrap rate ≤ 2.0%.

Forging two AZ9118320025 passive bevel gear isothermal annealing process is: high temperature furnace - cooling room cooling, slow cooling - isothermal furnace - after heat treatment for hardness sampling. According to feedback from the shell machine, some products have a problem of low hardness, which affects subsequent machining processes and leads to blank scrap. The technical personnel of the casting and forging center after careful analysis concluded that the reasons for the instability of the hardness of the 025 passive bevel gear are mainly due to the differences in materials of different batches and the influence of seasonal factors. It is necessary to timely adjust the process according to the hardness conditions to meet the users. need. The technicians have carefully studied and improved the process flow: After AZ9118320025 passive bevel gears are subjected to rough processing after heat treatment, hardness inspection is performed afterwards, and the products with unqualified hardness are reworked to avoid down-conversion of hardness products; meanwhile, according to the hardness situation Adjust the product's quick cooling time after the high temperature furnace. After the technological process is improved, the forgings meet the hardness requirements for machining, and the monthly loss of 43456 yuan is reduced.

At the same time, the technical department and the equipment department united to replace the material chutes and polish the chutes in the processing department to avoid the product damage caused by the cold metal contact; As a result of blank damage caused by hot material clamping, the apparent quality of the product is improved.

Process monitoring adds protection

The China National Heavy Duty Casting and Forging Center strengthens the quality control of key products and key processes, and strictly enforces the principles of “three inspections” and “three noes” for inspection of self-made parts; cancels the “concession acceptance” system for incoming inspection of external supplies; The implementation of furnace number management, and gradually achieve batch delivery, management, to ensure product quality traceability to meet customer requirements. At the same time strengthen the management of quality indicators, increase the appearance quality of after-sales products, the number of customer feedbacks, the number of customer feedbacks, the number of customer feedbacks, and the number of major quality issues, and other indicators, to form a process monitoring system; through the addition of QC quality Improve the completion rate of the process as a performance indicator, and ensure the progress of quality improvement. At the same time, refine the indicator requirements and require the processing department to implement the indicators in the teams and individuals so that everyone can have goals and improve the overall quality management.

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