The first LCD short-circuit ring laser cutting machine …

Recently, China's first LCD short-circuit ring laser cutting machine was successfully developed by the Changchun Guanghua Microelectronics Equipment Engineering Center Co., Ltd., which is controlled by the Changchun Institute of Optics and Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.[…]

Pre-holiday car rental notes

1. Choose a regular company Before you rent a car, you must check the various documents of the car rental company. To choose a company with complete procedures, it is more secure. It is best to choose a larger leasing company and not be attracted by the low price of some non-linked small […]

Pirelli focus on high-end 4 years will release 11 truck…

On November 6, 2013, the Pirelli Group's Board of Directors released the 2013-2017 industrial plan and will continue to focus on the high-end tire market and continue its high-end strategy. The plan states that by 2016, Pirelli’s sales volume will increase by 44% compared to 2013[…]

Chen Weichun: China's auto parts aftermarket market…

“The biggest problem with China's auto parts aftermarket is that the concentration is too low, and the channels are too diversified.” In an interview with the reporter, Chen Weichun, general manager of the Federal-Mogul Group’s after-sales service business in China, st[…]

Daily maintenance of mixer lights

Regular maintenance of the lights of the mixer truck is very important for drivers. This not only affects the overall appearance of the mixer, but also directly relates to the driving safety of the driver. According to the different power of the lamp, the la[…]

Wrecker Safety Operation Procedure

Wrecker Safety Operation Procedure Due to the particularity of the wrecker's work object, the wrecker operator should understand the nine safe operation methods that help reduce the possibility of a rollover, and strictly enforce the operation process t[…]

The traffic police said that the bumping of the road du…

Since the start of the large-scale road reconstruction in the provincial capital, traffic congestion coupled with the impetuosity has increased the number of accidents such as smashing and rear-end collisions by 30%. Do not underestimate this figure, often a small accident, will now cause […]