Development and Reform Commission Emergency Stopping Co…

Unfinished projects will be suspended from construction, and the filing system will be changed to an approval system, restricting foreign investment. The State Development and Reform Commission has issued an emergency notice on September 20 to limit the blind expansion of the corn deep processing i[…]

Failure Analysis of Centrifugal Pump Shaft and Impeller

My company two sets of oil refinery atmospheric vacuum tank centrifugal pump for the cantilever centrifugal pump, the design of the pump shaft material requirements for the 35CrMo, quenched and tempered, hardness HB = 269 ~ 302. Impeller material is G25 steel, static balance tolerance is 8g. Pump s[…]

Maintenance and maintenance of mechanical parts and aux…

Mechanical parts and auxiliary devices are an important part of CNC machine tools. Among them, the mechanical part mainly includes: machine tool spindle parts, ball screw nut pairs, guide rails and the like. The auxiliary device mainly includes: a numerical control indexing head, a[…]

Correct choice of valve electric device to prevent over…

Valve actuators are one of the devices used to operate the valve and connect it to the valve. The device is powered by electricity and its movement can be controlled by stroke, torque or axial thrust. Due to the proper operating characteristics and utilization of the valve actuator, it depends on th[…]

Bacterial Disease Control Technology

At present, once the bacterial disease of agricultural crops broke out, the lack of efficient, low-toxicity, broad-spectrum pesticides was often not prevented and the production of vegetables was reduced, and rice was even missing. Longke Microorganism Suspension (Thiococcus copper) prod[…]

Export petrochemical equipment structure needs optimiza…

China Petroleum and Petrochemical Equipment Industry Association recently learned that China’s petroleum and chemical equipment exports have experienced rapid growth in recent years. However, industry insiders believe that petrochemical equipment needs to optimize the export structure and re[…]

Handheld GPS coordinate conversion method

Basic principle overview The GPS satellite ephemeris is based on the WGS-84 geodetic coordinate system, so the coordinate system used by the handheld GPS is the WGS-84 coordinate system. At present, the coordinate systems used by hand-held GPS on the market are basically WGS-84 coordina[…]