China's hardware mold industry market glory

Compared with the downturn of the domestic machine tool industry, the mold industry's booming production and demand achievements. The construction of industrial clusters in various regions has been speeding up, while the steady progress in the traditional market and the active exploita[…]

Analysis of the foreground of domestic hardware mold pr…

China's mold industry has indeed made great progress. Mainly manifested in: the vigorous development of foreign-funded enterprises, China's mold production scale and product level has a rapid development; non-state-owned economy springing up, so that China's rapid expansion of […]

Summer car air conditioning use trick

Although the hot summer season has not yet arrived, our owners should also do a good job in car air conditioning maintenance to prepare for the hot summer. 1. What should you watch out for when using air conditioners? 1. When air conditioners are used in […]

Tank truck cleaning tank basic knowledge

Fuel tanker tanks are generally filled with gasoline, often containing tetraethyl lead (leaded gasoline), cyclodecadiene, tricarbonyl fibrils, ethyl bromide, dibromoethylene, ethylene dichloride and other additives to prevent shock, explosion, oxidation Aft[…]

What is the real smart meter?

China in October 2009 put forward the national network of smart meter business standards, made a smart meter smarter requirements. Although this year the standard has entered a fully revised phase, but the basic requirements of the smart meter is still clear, usually it will have the following fea[…]

Precautions for Oil Leakage in Special Purpose Vehicles

With the continuous use of special vehicles and the increase in vehicle age, it is inevitable that sprinklers will leak oil. The oil leakage will directly affect the technical performance of the vehicle, resulting in a large amount of wasted lubricants and f[…]

Seawater source heat pump technology enters coastal cit…

What kind of energy is inexhaustible and clean? According to this article, the cleanest energy source should be nuclear fusion. The raw material for nuclear fusion is helium, which can be extracted from seawater. A plutonium extracted from one litre of seawater can release 300 litres of ga[…]