Method for removing magnesium from phosphate rock

The present invention discloses a method of company phosphorus ore except magnesium. The method is a reverse flotation magnesium removal method using a static microbubble flotation column, and the flotation separation device used is a static microbubble flotation column. After crushing, grinding and grading the phosphate ore, the reverse flotation agent and the slurry are thoroughly mixed in the mineralization tank, and the flotation is carried out in the static microbubble flotation column, and the slurry mixing and flotation processes are simultaneously carried out. After flotation, the obtained foam phase is a flotation tailings, and the bottom product is a low-magnesium phosphate concentrate, which can meet the requirements of wet-process phosphoric acid production. Compared with the magnesium removal process of the conventional flotation machine, the invention has the advantages of simple process flow, stable process, high quality of concentrate and small loss of phosphorus, and the technical and economic advantages are remarkable.

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