How to crack the straw recycling

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] In recent years, crop straw has become a new source of rural non-point source pollution. Feeding is good, resource is worth mentioning, after all, the problem is to collect difficult dilemmas, farmers friends are very simple to burn. Therefore, every summer harvest and autumn and winter, there are always a large number of straws such as wheat and corn burned in the field, resulting in a large amount of heavy smoke, which has not only become a bottleneck in rural environmental protection, but has even become the chief culprit in the urban environment.
Straw incineration will produce pollutants such as particulate matter, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, etc., which will cause serious pollution to the atmosphere under adverse conditions of diffusion. In recent years, local governments have introduced strict bans on burning, to some extent control the scale of straw burning, not to burn, where is the way out of straw?
First of all, the simple way to crush the field has become the main way of straw treatment. This method saves both money and effort. However, it has caused a great burden on the soil, and it is difficult to decompose, which affects the growth of crops and thus affects the harvest. Collecting straw and industrial processing has become an important solution.
Second, becoming a raw material is resource. An ecological board industry Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of building boards with crop straws. After the process of sizing, high temperature pressing, etc., the artificial boards produced are strong and contain no formaldehyde. Another example: a chemical plant using corn stalks to make biomass carbon-based fertilizer technology has also begun to be applied. After the straw is compressed into pellets in situ, it is sent to a specially developed oxygen-free carbonization furnace for treatment. The resulting biochar is A good material for making fertilizer.
It can be resourced or feeded. It seems that the development prospect of straw is so good, but the common problems cannot be ignored. Due to the fluffy texture of the crop straw, low added value and high transportation cost, some farmers are not motivated to collect, and the amount of straw collected cannot be guaranteed. The raw materials are not guaranteed, and the company's development cannot be operated in a normal way.
Therefore, in order to increase the efficiency of the straw storage and storage, the company can organize the straw harvesting team, provide a special harvesting and baling machine, and collect straw for farmers free of charge, saving farmers' labor. However, new problems have arisen. Due to the scattered land, straw collection is more difficult and increases the cost of the enterprise.
What to do? As a farmer cooperative, you can set up a professional straw collection team to organize cross-regional collection operations according to the harvest time in each region. This can solve the troubles of farmers, further reduce the cost of straw collection, promote the expansion of the straw processing industry, and increase an income for cooperatives.
The problem is clear and the answer is found. On the one hand, farmers are dealing with straw headaches; on the other hand, straw processing enterprises face difficulties in collecting straw. Therefore, it is not only an environmental issue to achieve straw ban, but it is actually an industrial problem that needs to be seriously faced. Now it seems that how to prevent farmers from adding extra burdens due to the treatment of straw, and let enterprises collect straw with higher efficiency and lower cost is a key to the rapid and healthy development of this industry. To solve this problem well, all relevant departments need to think about ways.
I don't know how everyone thinks, who can solve the problem of straw recycling? (Original title: Where is the pain point of analyzing the straw dividend? You must know the straw!)

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