2017 car circle from the beginning of the year to the end of the year, a major event in January, the most comprehensive collection of 8

People say that entertainment circles gossip, but in fact, there are a lot of news in the car circle. Looking back on 2017, the domestic auto industry has been bustling and has not been eliminated from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. Today, I would like to talk with you all about what happened during the year. Like the car's friends after reading, it is estimated that when the Chinese New Year, it will not worry about money!

Po Chun 510 Dark Horse Birth City


From the end of last year to the beginning of this year, many major brands have launched a number of new hot cars into the market, such as Tiguan L, UR-V, Wayang and so on. But to say who sells the best, no doubt will certainly be Baojun 510 released in February. This small-sized SUV is known as a “price butcher” because it boasts outstanding value and high price/performance ratio. Less than half a year after listing, it became the second place in the SUV's best-selling list, with over 30,000 monthly sales being second only to the Harvard H6.

"Sade" incident caused the Korean car storm


In 2017, for the domestic Korean cars, it is undoubtedly a very hard year. Since March this year, it has been affected by the “Sade” incident. The products of Beijing Hyundai Motors and Dongfeng Yueda Kia Motors have suffered resistance at home and led to a sharp drop in sales. During this period, there were more rumors that Kia would withdraw from the Chinese market. It can be seen that the two companies suffered heavy losses. It was not until the second half of the year that this storm subsided. With the encouragement of price cuts, Beijing’s Hyundai sales have apparently returned, but the situation in Kia is still not optimistic.

Domestic new high-end collar VS Wei sent to Taiwan


The high-end car market can be said to have been the pain of self-owned brands, but after winning the success of the GS8 last year, it was successful. Domestic auto makers seem to have regained confidence, so this year Geely and the Great Wall have released their own high-end SUV brand collar grams and Wei school, causing a lot of consumer attention in the country. From the end of the year to the end of the year, from the perspective of WEY's development history, despite the initial negative impact of the oil fraud, it has gradually gained a firm foothold in the market. Leading grams are listed more than six months later. This independent high-end brand's Taiwanese opera may be able to win the game next year.

Volkswagen alliance Jianghuai responds to double integration


With the approaching of the double-integration policy, major auto companies in China are seeking ways to survive in the era of new energy. In May of this year, Volkswagen and JAC will officially form a marriage, and will jointly develop research and development in the field of new energy vehicles. It is understood that the first "marriage" product is a purely electric SUV, which is expected to be officially listed in January next year.

Changan was forced to fire the first shot of the official drop


Compared to other domestic brands, Changan's situation in 2017 is very difficult. From the beginning of the year, its main models Changan CS75, CS35, Yidong, Yuexiang V7 and other sales have been greatly reduced, and the newly launched flagship SUV Changan CS95 has not been marketed. Accredited. Therefore, in order to save sales, in the end of May Chang'an fired the first shot of this year's "down." It was later proved that after the price cut, Chang'an did indeed start to rebound. Due to its price cuts, domestic brands such as Chery and Geely also have fluctuations in their prices.

Geely has the ability to purchase Proton


After Geely’s acquisition of Volvo, after 7 years in the future, Geely Holding Group officially signed an agreement with Proton Motors in June. It spent RM460,300,000 (RMB739 million) to acquire a 49.9% stake in Proton Motors. A 51% stake in the luxury sports car brand Lotus. The acquisition can be said to fully open Geely's road in the Southeast Asian auto market, Geely has absolute right to speak at the same time, Geely's Bo Yue and other high-quality models, is also expected to OEM overseas sales.

New rules for car sales have revolutionized tradition


In July, the new "Automotive Sales Management Measures" was formally implemented, clearly stating that car dealers should expressly sell the prices of cars, accessories and other related products and various service charges in the appropriate manner at the business premises, and must not increase sales beyond the list price. Or extra charges may apply. At the same time, car sales channels were further opened up, and the single model of manufacturers and distributors was completely bid farewell. The birth of Suning Automobile Supermarkets proved this point.

Jeep wants to be bought by Chinese car companies


In August, a mysterious Chinese car company came from the United States and was interested in acquiring the world's top ten car maker Fiat Chrysler FCA. In the country caused a great uproar, Geely, the Great Wall, Dongfeng, Guangzhou Automobile has become a powerful object of suspicion. This matter can be proved afterwards. It is only that the FCA is releasing smoke bombs. There is no doubt that there is speculation. Because of this news, Fiat Chrysler’s share price in the United States rose sharply.

Chuan Qi GS4 was tortured by breaking doors


At the end of August, there was a “breaking door” incident on the Chuanqi GS4, and a traffic accident occurred on August 30 at the Shekbian Road section of Liaojiawan Village, Liangtian Town, Suxian District, G107 National Road, causing the deaths of three passengers and the driver’s own injury. After the crash of the GS4 side collision, the body was completely stripped. This incident has caused the defamation of many media and brought terrible influence to Chuanyu. Many consumers are deeply worried about the quality of Chuan’s vehicle.

China bans sale of fuel vehicles schedule ethanol gas will be popularized


Following France, Britain, Germany and other countries, China will also ban the sale of fuel vehicles in September this year, although the specific time is uncertain but it can be seen that new energy vehicles will become the mainstream of the automotive industry. In the same month, the popularity of ethanol-gasoline was also finalized. China will fully implement ethanol-based gasoline by 2020. Starting from next year in multiple provinces and regions in China, traditional gasoline will cease to be sold. Including Tianjin (October 1, 2018), Shandong (before March 30, 2018), Henan, Hebei and other places, focusing on the highly polluted Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

Great Wall BMW joint venture to build domestic MINI?


After the Jeep purchase rumors, the Great Wall was again exposed in November and BMW will start cooperation to build a factory to produce domestic MINI. Upon hearing this news, many domestic consumers began to expect the appearance of “Great Wall MINI”. But then confirmed that this project has been stopped, everyone's domestic MINI has not been done for a long time on the dead, people are very doubtful whether this is another speculation event ... ...

Weilai burns 80 million PA screens and pushes new cars


Originally thought that the car circle would be calm at the end of the year, but I didn't think that Wei came up with big news some days ago. Weilai ES8 conference consecutive days Tianba screen friends circle and Weibo, burn 80 million cost, charter 8, 60 high-speed rail cars, 19 five-star hotel, 5000 car owners ... these words It can be said that attracting people's attention, such a luxury car conference is rare in the country.

Didn't say I didn't know that I was scared! The inventory of the car was so large that there were so many big events in 2017. The 2018 purchase tax concessions also have to end, do not know what changes in the car market next year, let us look forward to it!

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