After the steam power distributors enter the second half, what model will the next 10 billion enterprises be born?

How can BAT's model subvert the industry that BAT cannot do? Failed to subvert, but the five years of hardships educated the market, so starting in 16 years, steam distribution companies entered the second half, represented by the onlineization of traditional enterprises.


Editor's note: This article is the founder of the speech of the CEO of UCAR, Zhang Ke, at the second anniversary of the establishment of Yu Youqi. (with deletion)
Speaking of the brand development in the auto parts and auto repair industry, I think it is the greatest opportunity brought by globalization in the 21st century to China. It is also the biggest opportunity that the internet dividend brings to our industry.

As China's Internet, especially mobile Internet users and mobile phone applications are among the best, China has the opportunity to use the Chinese manufacturing brand + Internet to achieve a curve overtaking, to form a national brand of automotive aftermarket national brand development.

I predict that the number of branded national brand products will be increased by five times in the next five years. So how do these auto parts brands “+Internet”?

I think "self electricity supplier" is the answer.

It is not e-commerce that subverts future thinking and business.

I understand the definition of self-owned e-commerce: self-owned brand e-commerce, based on social media and communities, highly decentralized self-branded e-commerce closed-loop.

In the automotive aftermarket, whether it is an accessory manufacturer, a marketer, an automotive service store, or even a logistics company, it must have its own brand. Because the future consumers and terminals only recognize the brand.

There are many types of e-commerce providers, but they are inseparable from the essence of decentralization, branding, sharing and win-win channels, standard processes and services, and highly integrated triple play (logistics, capital flow, and information flow). .

The rise of micro-business is the best representative of e-commerce companies. A humble micro-commercial community, a single product can launch more than 100,000 part-time teams and complete more than one billion sales. In a few years, it has created a marketing team and sales empire built in the past decades. In the mobile Internet environment, e-commerce has a unique vitality.

Since e-commerce is the product of the “new era” and the product of “new retail”, it will open a new era that meets the needs of society and human progress:

1. Complete change in connection methods: In the PC era, the connection between consumers and brands is one-to-one, online and offline are isolated, and the mobile Internet achieves a point-to-point connection due to the attributes of LBS, and is integrated online and offline. of. Consumers and brands can directly communicate with each other, while consumers can book online, and then to the brand experience shop delivery, you can also experience the shop to scan the code to pay, online delivery.

2. Scenario Revolution: As consumer shopping becomes more and more contextualized, to create a sense of realism, it is necessary to simulate a real life scene.

3. The instant entry is a trend: the information explosion, the change of the “trust circle” highly decentralized mode of communication, making “instant access” possible, products, services, brands, ideas can quickly enter the target customer's field of vision, Cognition, even values. This ultimately changed the brand marketing model. Whether or not a future marketing program can succeed will be marked by whether it can support instant access.

4, online and offline integration: Since it can not touch, can be heard, can be touched, that is the simplest point is the direct guide to the line, the brand through the online guide the consumer's attention to the product, if the product category Especially need offline experience, such as wear, then LBS technology to lead consumers to the nearest store. Traditional e-commerce has only moved retail channels online, but in fact it has not changed fundamentally. In the future, whether it is retail or life services, it will be integrated online and offline, online booking, offline experience, offline purchase, and online delivery. This way, consumers will not worry about buying something online and can't find after-sales service.

5, access to the mind: The brand's foundation is quality, but the spread is cognitive. The root of cognition is the consumer mind. Starbucks closed its tea shop trials for more than a year ago because Starbucks coffee was so strong in consumers' minds that consumers would not think of Starbucks when they drank tea.

6. The influence circle is more important than the circle of interest: Enterprises must establish their own influence circle. In the Internet era, the influence circle is more important than the circle of interest. The scope, range, depth, and breadth of brand influence can directly determine the position in the future competition.

7, the commercial form of C2B + O2O pan-centralization: Based on our previous analysis, changes in consumer behavior, business logic needs to be changed, from the flow of thinking to the user thinking, which is the Internet thinking, Internet thinking is to be user-centered , build a user's sense of trust, participation, and realism, and business models will also change.

Several characteristics of the form of e-commerce channels:

1, the brand first, customers will recognize the brand;
2, do not play hard and wide, everyone is a salesman;
3, personalized highlights, prominent circle economy;
4, full networking, real-time online, use blockchain technology to increase transparency;
5. The corporate center has shifted to consumer-centered and the interaction has been significantly strengthened.

In the era of e-commerce, the brand itself is the media, it is the community, and it is e-commerce. The brand circle created by the brand will quickly become a community. The "quick purchase" based on community trust is a representative of e-commerce.

Several features of purchasing from e-commerce:

1. The customer circle is upgraded to the community, and the main force of the community marketing is social media;
2, fast purchase, acquaintance purchase is still the mainstream, quick to buy and go;
3. Supply still tends to be localized and suppliers are screened.

Why do I prefer "self electricity supplier" in the automotive aftermarket?

Auto parts supply chain is a trillion market, but e-commerce cannot change a heavy service market. Jingdong and Tmall's e-commerce brands with such a large body have to sink to open stores, build logistics points, and complete the integration of the offline line when encountering e-commerce providers in the service industry. There is no shortage of companies that pay large tuition fees. From the eleventh year onwards, auto parts supply chain e-commerce has become very popular. But in 16 years, almost all surviving e-commerce companies are in transition. How can BAT's model subvert the industry that BAT cannot do? Failed to subvert, but the five years of hardships educated the market, so starting in 16 years, steam distribution companies entered the second half, represented by the onlineization of traditional enterprises.

Why did steam power distributors fail to subvert in the first half? What are the main challenges they face?

1, 10 million SKU can not be satisfied with a one-stop, low satisfaction (inseparable from the nature of the dealer)
2. The capital-driven fast model cannot quickly establish terminal trust and loyalty (what to retain customers);
3, low-cost cut-in is a double-edged sword, killing one enemy since the loss of eight hundred (invoices are not passed around);
4. Self-built supply chain costs cannot challenge individual service requirements;
5. The local service attributes cannot be reversed in the short term;
6. In the stock market, there is no mainstream brand support.

The biggest problem for e-commerce companies is that they do not do incremental work. They neither provide incremental services to manufacturers, nor do they give dealers increments. What is the significance? There is no point in maintaining the enterprise, so the regional e-commerce association will withdraw, and the region will emerge from the e-commerce association.

Auto parts from the electricity supplier how to do?

I know a veteran of a provincial capital that has done accessories for more than 20 years and has a lot of influence in the local area. Serve some major maintenance companies and chains. The solution we gave him was to take the small closed-loop as the center and create a closed-loop area for the electricity supplier.

This scenario is logical for them because they are already doing these services. Why can't he build a closed-loop system of his own?

Especially in regional services, alliances and dealers with great advantages will quickly form their own eco-business closed-loop ecosystem. The excellent steam is to help them build this closed-loop ecosystem.

Because of the large number of companies, they tend to be dispersed, the industry is backward, and the level of thinking is varied. In fact, I think there is another reason that the original intention of central e-commerce (a large-scale e-commerce model called central e-commerce, or a single-person e-commerce business) is often subversive, too simple and not purely purposed.

Inventory is the position of traditional auto parts and auto repair companies. Customer loyalty is a moat, so the transition process must be made from e-commerce, and accelerate the distribution of e-commerce. Of course, the centered platform will not be completely disappeared in a short time. It will be a long-term coexistence stage. The future will be a centralized platform and the independent entities of the merchants coexist. The user-led, data-driven, on-line and off-line integration The mobile Internet is not a subversion of the traditional industry, but a reconstruction.

What should a traditional auto parts auto repair company do? To establish their own core competencies, to ensure that no matter what model, are invincible, and then find the right time to fight back and win?

I think the answer is from the electricity supplier. Each e-commerce provider is a small closed-loop product and service that is naturally integrated in the brand's small closed-loop. The O2O that was previously not available on the big platform is full of vitality in such a small closed-loop chain. Countless small closed loops, like cells, can be freely combined, can cross boundaries, and can exist independently and can be combined into larger closed loops. This kind of closed-loop has a very strong vitality, because in the extremely personalized C2B mode, only such cells can truly achieve fast, flexible, real-time online, so as to achieve customer satisfaction. Macroscopically, these closed loops from e-commerce are also a larger closed-loop business.

Why is the future business from the e-commerce model? What are the factors that decide to enter the e-commerce business?

1. Enterprises are centered on changing consumers;
2, highly personalized needs to replace the so-called just need;
3, response speed, service time efficiency requirements are higher;
4. Real-time interaction and omni-channel interaction: including communication, evaluation, and even participation;
5, low cost, high efficiency is the norm.

Traditional companies do three necessary stages of e-commerce, build systems, build systems, and build brands. No top two brand building is a castle in the air. We have seen that the reason why the automobile rear market has fallen behind in brand building is that this order has not been improved. Many companies have entered the brand building phase prematurely and neglected to build systems and build systems, which naturally lacks the driving force for brand building.

There are several possible causes of the failure of traditional companies to do business with e-commerce:

1. The boss does not turn on the dispensers and does not learn in the name he does not understand;
2, self-built technical team, but do the "four different", turned into a "chicken ribs";
3. Do not do the last mile yourself, just look at short-term benefits and costs;
4, not open enough, do not know how to cooperate, the future is inclusive and sharing;
5, the team does not learn, do not know how to learn to change.

Since the rise of e-commerce, hasn't the big platform ever existed?

The answer is not. Although the battle for the big platform hasn't really started yet, there will be only a few outstanding platforms to stay. They mainly carry head requirements and standardization, and scale products and services. It will even be subdivided into platforms that are just generic products.

What is the relationship between e-commerce providers and large-scale e-commerce providers?

I think it is the relationship of coexistence and co-prosperity. Looking at the US auto aftermarket, the market share of the five major platforms is 30%, and the largest platform only accounts for 8% of the market. The other 70% of the market is still host after sales and independent after sales. Therefore, in the future, the large platform will occupy certain advantages in the standard parts, and the e-commerce companies will have an advantage in all car parts and fast purchasers. Both parties will even cooperate in sharing channels and products in multiple dimensions.

As consumers and brands have established point-to-point links, future retail formats will be reconstructed. Consumer shopping channels are more based on self-built independent brand stores under mobile social networks. Maybe the concept of future retail will not be repeated. exist. The so-called decentralization is just a process, but it is not a lack of center. Instead, the merchants have established a community centered on oneself.

The next three years: It is the most creative three-year auto repair auto repair

Looking forward to the next three years of auto parts circle:

The first is the birth of a billion-dollar enterprise. This is fast. In the next three years, it will surely appear and there will certainly be more than one company. This kind of regional e-commerce model is a very good architecture because it can even be done together with O2O. That is all based on the mobile Internet, forming a new B2B model to B2B2C. Even in the future, when C2B comes, it can be hot pluggable like a plug. It wants to plug in, plug in, and pull out. A good architecture can give enterprises enough flexibility.

The second is the formation of regional super-suppliers. Super-suppliers are also called super-service providers. These are the star companies we serve. We now target these privately-run enterprises and they will become the largest and most influential in the region. Service providers, and then this will quickly form.

The third is that franchising will become the mainstream, this is not new, logistics will also join, logistics companies will also appear to integrate. Super chain stores will appear. There are at least 3,000 or more super chain stores. Like the United States, the scale is 6,000 homes. The formation of such a chain will be terrible because it will directly affect consumers. Today we see that when we say that there are more than a thousand stores on the market, the time for more than a thousand chain stores is not much affected. For consumers, China is such a big country because coverage is not enough. But once you have formed to 6,000 6000 homes, that influence is not the same.

Independent after-sales is an independent post-sale market that is different from the OEM's after-sales service. Currently, it is almost 40% less. I think it will soon exceed 50%. When he exceeds 50%, this means that we have been able to see a market segmentation point, and in the future it will become a mainstream.

In these three pre-judgments, it would be impossible to achieve this without an electricity supplier and agile supply chain. It is very likely that the next billion enterprises will be born from the e-commerce model.

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