[Self-driving tour] Australian RV self-driver Raiders: From driver's license to car rental to the rules

Traveling in Australia, car rental is a must, no doubt

Renting a car or a car, I do have a lot of entanglement

Return by car, summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the car under the car, for reference

RV advantages:

1. Australia and New Zealand are paradise for motorhomes. Because of the small number of people, the number of RV parks and their facilities are quite guaranteed. If there has always been an idea of ​​trying RVs, then Australia and New Zealand are the best choices

2, RV is convenient enough, the road can be hungry at any time can be a temporary stop to play a tip, especially with baby travel, quite convenient

3, Australia removed Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and other major cities, all rural, all the way to the town of various sizes. The life in the town is extremely casual. After 6 o'clock, except for supermarkets and individual restaurants, almost all of them are closed from work. If you miss the road by mistake, eating will be a big problem. RVs don't have to worry about meals, and they can't do it themselves.

4, but also because of the town's sake, the type of dining is not comparable to big cities, the variety is relatively monotonous, breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is easy to eat all kinds of tired. Especially the Chinese stomach. The RV can solve the breakfast on its own, and you can even simmer the porridge with the local sauce.

5, RV Park is really a lot, do not need to book in advance, so do not have to follow the established schedule teeth. A place to play for a while, or other things delay, you can completely change the plan for a small town accommodation. The car is disadvantaged. The number of motels is limited. It is better to book in advance, which means that you must follow the itinerary strictly. Can't do anything to open the game.

6. The view of the RV is high enough, which means that taking pictures in a moving car is an advantage. The trolley is too short, the framing is limited, and the embankment portion accounts for too much.

7. There are too many killers on the roads in Australia. In this case, the RV clearly has an advantage. Especially if you bump into a kangaroo, the damage of the RV and the car is very different.

RV drawbacks:

1, RV driving comfort is not as good as a car. Trolley is usually a new car for 1-3 years, and the latest in the RV is basically a car age of more than 3 years. The old one will even have 6-8 years of age.

2. As a domestic driver, it takes time to adapt to the right rudder and it is easy to be nervous. The RV is too wide and too high, driving difficulty is also correspondingly increased.

3, Australia's coastal highways are extremely windy, and RVs can easily be blown away during high-speed driving. . . . . be careful. The car has a low center of gravity and is basically not affected by it. Safer driving

4, the car is more flexible, especially into the city

5. It is more convenient for a small car to bring a car back to the car. Usually, there are business counters and parking spaces at the airport, and there are also pick-up and return spots in the city center. Because of the size of the RV, the vehicle is returned in the suburbs (near the airport, but there is definitely a distance)

It should be more comprehensive.

Here's what to look out for when driving in Australia:

1. Driver's License: Hold a new driver's license (with English). You do not need to be notarized. You only need to bring the original with a translation. This is true for small caravans.

2, models: It is recommended to rent an automatic block. After all, changing the right rudder, the automatic transmission is easier. The car rental recommends hertz () and avis (). The service is good, the models are numerous and the condition is new. Both of these companies will offer discounts from time to time. It is recommended that they pay attention to the official website, including after booking. Because there is no need for advance payment, you can cancel the booking and rebook at any time. A lot of Raiders about car rental on the Internet, there are a lot of comparison reservation websites. I was using

In the case of RVs, the big brands are mainly britz and apollo. The birtz group actually has three brands, covering high, medium, and low respectively. The most upscale maui brand, the main models for Mercedes-Benz, as well as the public. And basically are large RVs used by many people. In addition to price reasons, we do not have much confidence in driving such a big car. So give up. The low-grade backpacher is relatively old and has a basic age of more than 6 years. So mid-range britz has become the only choice. Apollo is also a common brand on the road, but his home car and RV have, unlike birtz specifically do RV. There are many RV search, comparison, and booking sites. I have used , and I can use it as a reference for comparisons and presentations. I use the order, the reason for the selection, and, probably, the style of the interface I like. It. It is difficult for RVs to have promotional activities, so the sooner the booking price is, the cheaper it is.

Unlike RVs and trolleys, once the order is placed, the deposit will be deducted. The cancellation time is different from the scheduled pickup time, and the fines charged are also different. This is very much like a cruise ship ticket. Therefore, before you place an order, you must carefully consider the itinerary and do not make any major changes. Otherwise, there will be economic losses.

3. Car Rental Additional Terms: It is highly recommended to purchase the full insurance that O pays. Although the insurance price is quick to catch up with the price of car rental, it is really recommended to buy it. Otherwise, the basic risk of the car rental price is of little use. Basically all losses above 2,500 knives are the responsibility of the insurance company. I have already seen cases where a large amount of compensation has been deducted after I did not buy a full insurance. In particular, RVs that do not buy all-insurance are required to prepay thousands of Australian dollars in guarantee deposits. Most people's credit cards are dual-currency US dollar cards, not Australian dollars. In this way, the fee for the loss is only a little less than insurance, and you have to worry about it all along the way.

RV rental usually has the option of a discount package. Can be calculated directly under the direct purchase discount package or buy a full insurance. In addition to the all-inclusive insurance package, it usually includes child seats, outdoor tables and chairs (by the head count), gas bottle fees, additional driver fees, and off-site transfer fees. If you have children and drivers, you need to use different locations. Returning a car, it is very cost-effective to purchase a discount package directly. Otherwise, you can purchase the full insurance separately, and then depending on the demand for other special items to buy.

4. Expenses: Since I had planned to use a car before, I have a comparison of the rents of the cars and RVs. The same itinerary and days, the car costs 440 knives (hertz sedan Camry), RV 1100 knives (all inclusive). The fuel consumption car is said to be about 9 and has not been verified. RV fuel consumption, website introduction 12, actual between about 14-15. Britz's car situation is very good, our mileage of 30,000 cars, very new. If it is an old car, the fuel consumption is still high

5, supporting: there is nothing to talk about car support. The RV is equipped with the voyager section under my lease. The number of seats is 5, the number of beds is 2 (1.8*2 meters), and the refrigerator is one. It has a refrigerator and freezer and is usually powered by a battery. After the camp is connected to an external power supply, For AC electricity, foods can be kept fresh. Examples include canned tuna and bacon for milk, juice, fish, and sandwiches. One microwave oven can only use AC power. Toasters, electric kettles, and AC power are also used. Double-head gas stove, supplied by gas tank, no problem for 10 days. One kettle, one size pan, one pan, one filter teapot, five sets of flat pans, glasses, mugs, bowls, five sets of forks and spoons, one set of kitchen utensils, three kitchen knives and one fruit knife, dish One board, one shredder, several microwave ovens, one vegetable washbasin, one rice washbasin, one dishcloth, one clean sheet, five sets of sheets, bath towels, pillow sets, and five sleeping bags. Several racks and clothespins, a bundle of ropes, and a set of brooms. In addition to no detergent, everything is complete. With a porridge tips. The supermarket in Australia should buy rice as Tami. It is more difficult to mash porridge. The rice that was scouring the morning before going to sleep was washed in the right amount of boiling water. The next day he woke up and lost the microwave for 15 minutes. The fragrant porridge was baked. .

6, GPS: necessary. For mobile navigation, the first is limited by the stability of the signal, and the second is more head-on than off the main road. The various points of interest on the GPS are very useful, such as RV parks, such as some attractions. In addition, the Australian speed limit is strict, although there are road signs, but it is inevitable that there is a distraction when the GPS reminder is quite useful. In particular, the internet card that we purchased was not able to access the Internet on the first day because of setup problems. If there was no GPS, it was really dumbfounded. In Melbourne and Sydney, there are toll roads, mobile navigation can not be identified, and GPS can be set to avoid toll roads. In fact, the price of toll roads is not high, and the itinerary is not many. However, it is annoying that in Australia, where the labor costs are extremely high, toll roads are electronically photographed. If they are mistaken for toll roads, paying bills can be extremely troublesome. . The GPS we use is TOMTOM, which is very easy to use. 3D navigation is quite awesome. RV companies also have GPS rental, charge by day, but can be counted down in the domestic Taobao, and RV company's GPS does not support Chinese navigation.

7. Pick up the car: Sydney's Britz lift is located in Mascot, a one-stop ride from the Sydney Domestic Airport. You can choose to transfer to the domestic airport, then take the train to Mascot station. Turn right and go straight along the road. The left side of the road junction is . You can also take a taxi directly. It is advisable to carry out online check-in beforehand in the country before picking up the car. Otherwise, there is still a need for the same steps and a waste of time. The rental time of RVs is calculated as overnight, which is not the same as if the car is calculated on a 24-hour basis. Therefore, it is necessary to maximize the time difference. The earliest pick-up time is 9.1-4.30, which is 7:30 in the morning, and the latest return time is 4:00 in the afternoon. During the off-season from 5.1-8.31, the opening time is postponed until 10:00 in the morning. Christmas is closed. Present the printed booking form, original driver's license, and translation when presenting the car. After completing the formalities, you will be given a DVD to see the instructions for using the RV. Then you can pick up the car. A staff member will accompany the inspection while the vehicle is being picked up, marking the existing injuries on the car. The young man who said to us the car was very careful, and some of the scars I could barely see were marked. Get the car, put your luggage, lock the car, go to the supermarket to purchase it. From the leasing company, turn right on the road and walk to a small crossroads. The supermarket on the left side is very big and small, but everything you want to buy can be found. It is highly recommended to buy mayonnaise, bacon, steak, vegetables, eggs, tomatoes, salt, olive oil, milk, juice, bread, and lemon. The steak in this supermarket is really good. Small fruit is expensive, but the whole country is the same. It tastes really good. (Attached car rental company mascot office phone +61 2 8338 0708). By the way, remember to bring a three-pronged patch panel from home so that the phone camera's charger, microwave oven, electric kettle, etc. can work at the same time.

8, also points to the car: the car is also in the same place, GPS set road signs 653 gardeners road, mascot can, pay attention to the front of the car to clean dishes and clean up the RV, or it may be fine. If you purchased a discount package or purchased the PGO project separately (18 knives), you can return the air bottle to the car. Otherwise you will need to fill the gas bottle at the nearest gas station. Because the price is not expensive, it is recommended that you buy, not every gas station has gas cylinder inflatable items, the provincial trouble. When asking the car, the staff will ask if it is necessary to purchase gasoline. This is not recommended for everyone to buy, because the spread is a bit large and the charge is 100 knives. In fact, there are many gas stations and there is no need to return the empty tank. And a box of oil from the red light to the top is only about 70 knives. Because the gas station cannot be in close proximity to the company, it is allowed to add oil and return it within a few tens of kilometers. If you are afraid of controversy, you can keep a small ticket for the last refueling. There are information on refueling locations and other information. In addition, pay attention to clean up all personal items, such as GPS, such as Charger Shenma. The young man in the vehicle inspection asked me if the CD was closed. I said of course, then he saw him withdraw from a CD player Cui Jian's rock and sweat. . . . He said that it was like eight times in ten times and he was used to it. Haha. Traveling on the road, with some of your favorite CDs is a must, otherwise it is too boring. After all procedures have been completed, you will be given a return receipt for you, which includes your mileage. We have a total of 2,570 kilometers of our trip.

9: RV camp: There are many RV camps. Like hotels, they also have stars. Basic four-star standard living, the cheapest 28 knife, the most expensive 60 knife. Most of them are around 40. Of course this is the price of the power site. The 60-knife that stayed on the last night was a private bathroom, so it was more expensive. This price is also the standard price for two people and one car. If the number is large, it will also collect the headcount fee. The camps where they lived were equipped with public baths and bathrooms, and each one was extremely clean and without any smell. Most of them also have a baby's room for infants and children, a baby bathing pool and a children's toilet, and showers. Laundry room is also standard. One cylinder of clothes 3 knives, dryers 1 knives, coin-operated. BBQ is also a standard, coin-operated, about 2 knives (note that you should clean up after using it yourself). Some camps have a public kitchen. A lot of people cook their own meals. So from this configuration, there is no need to rent a RV with a bathroom. It is too hard to drive and you have to clean up the dirt yourself. The park also has a special washing area and a children's playground, as well as a TV room, an entertainment room (billiards table tennis game), reading room. Local people's car parks are usually more than one night. They are long tenants and stop there to play slowly and leisurely. The way they travel is to drag and drop a RV car on the 4WD, put down their cars on the camp, and drive around in a 4WD place. If the budget is enough, you can consider renting four-wheel drive belts, which are more casual. The RV park's office is also off time at 6 o'clock, so try to arrive before this time. If it is late, the door usually has a late arrival call bell. If it is a combination lock, the administrator will inform you, and then make up the payment the next day. If it is a key lock, you can only trouble the other side to work overtime.

The main purpose of the RV camp is to add water and electricity to the car, as well as use shower facilities, so what is usually needed is a power site. Stop at the designated location and connect with water and electricity. The RV with a toilet needs to select a dump station because it needs to handle dirt. For car parks, you can choose Cabin or you can bring your own tent and choose a Camping site. If you don't need a bath or external power every night, you can also choose to stop at the gas station. The gas station has toilets and water equipment for use. Of course, this is too hard, and unless it is fully booked, otherwise it is not necessary. There are also campsites without service facilities, that is, equipment without water and electricity, and of course no corresponding public service facilities. There is no charge for this type of campsite. He will set up a donation box. Everyone will be willing to pay a coin.

10, basic rules:

A Driving to the left: This is a country with a right-hand drive, so it is important to drive left. Overtaking is only allowed from the right side. You can see a lot of keep left tips on the way

B Courtesy, right-first priority: There are few people in Australia, so driving is very etiquette, and honking is considered a very rude performance. The so-called etiquette has hints on the street signs. STOP indicates that you must park at this intersection and observe that the main road is accessible without a car. The GIVE WAY said it does not necessarily need to stop, but it must also wait for the main road without a car before entering. Australians are very respectful, so a car driving on the main road will never be decelerated because of the road. We were not used to the first few days. When we saw a car on the side of the road, all subconsciously would step on the brakes to decelerate. There was no need for Kazakhstan. This kind of deceleration might scare the cold sweat behind you. . . .嘿嘿

C Around the island: I studied this roundabout before I left. In some small cities and towns, there is no traffic light, and the vehicles that adjust the intersection rely on the roundabout. However, we did not expect that the roundabouts weren't all the same as the green ones in the middle of the country. The first roundabout we encountered was actually a 2 square meter cement floor in the middle, and the TM was triangular. Even if it was Mongolia, what was the second exit of the GPS instruction? . Haha. In fact, it is very easy to round the island, or right-first principle, before entering the road around the island, observe whether there is any vehicle on the right side of the road in the island, if so, after all the traffic is completed and then enter, that is, a look at the two Let three pass. Having become familiar with the rules of the roundabout, I really admire the Australians. It is so easy to solve the traffic problem and it is too environmentally friendly.

D Seat belt: All passengers must wear safety belts, regardless of the seat

E Child seats: Children under 12 must use safety seats, children under 4 years old are not allowed to sit in front of the seats.

F Overtaking: The multi-lane driveway must be left-handed. The right-hand lane is allowed to be occupied only when passing, and must be returned to the left after overtaking. One-way lanes can only be overtaken where there is an overtaking lane. The roadside will indicate in advance how many kilometers in front there is an overtaking lane, and then the local train will be left to the left, and other vehicles will quickly overtake. The cut-off lane is approximately a few hundred meters. When the end of the lane is over, there is an arrow on the ground. The local train needs to be brought back in line.

G lights: Headlights must be turned on in rainy days

H Parking: The parking sign is too complicated. There are different stopping methods at different times. If you accidentally stop it, the penalty will be huge. So if you don’t need it, don’t park in a CBD area like Melbourne or Sydney.

11. Refueling: All gas stations in Australia are self-help. The labor costs here are high. Cars need to add UNLEADED, unleaded gasoline, pick the cheapest on the line, and some gas stations will be marked as E70, usually a green oil gun. A better gas station can be set to refuel, or directly to top up the automatic jump gun. Almost all depends on the hand. After the completion of the increase to the gas station supermarket counter reported gun number payment. The gas station is also equipped with a simple cleaning tool that can wipe the glass of the horse, and remember to put it back in place.

12. Wild animals: There are signposts in areas where wildlife is more frequent. However, for the sake of safety, it is absolutely not recommended that you drive your car after dark. The animals are too hard to guard against. We encountered numerous bodies of wild animals along the way and encountered the kangaroos on the road twice.

Write tired and tired. I hope that I can help people who are going to Australia to drive by themselves.

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