Original test and surge test of Turbo Air 6000 large air compressor

Test name IGV valve (inlet guide vane) open (venting valve) opening degree /% motor current (Amps) outlet pressure (KPa) low pressure surge test 512687.8799 medium pressure surge test 652696902 high pressure surge test 75211041072 natural surge test 10026120.41227IGV Full off 0100461227IGV full open 1000110.81227 is the actual surge data. Under the same outlet pressure, according to the safety margin requirement, the protection line current is greater than the actual surge current 3%, the control line current is higher than the protection line current 8Amps, the calculation Two additional sets of data were obtained (see Table 2). The actual operation is an example, and the original commissioning and anti-surge curve production process of the large air compressor is introduced. Through the original test run, the surge control line and the surge protection line of the compressor unit are obtained, thereby obtaining the normal working area of ​​the compressor unit, so as to track the working point of the compressor unit during operation and protect the safety of the equipment.

Vibration test; intermediate surge test; low surge test China Petroleum Sichuan Petrochemical Co., Ltd. is located in Pengzhou, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, with a designed production capacity of 800,000 tons/year of ethylene and 10 million tons/year of refining, which is the largest single investment in China. Refining and chemical integration project. The ethylene cracking unit adopts the TurboAir 6000 large air compressor of CAMERON Company of the United States to provide scorched air for the pyrolysis furnace unit during the scorching operation. At the original start of the installation, purge air was also supplied for the air purge of the entire 800 ton/year ethylene plant below 12'. The air compressor flow diagram is shown in Figure 1.

TurboAir6000 large air compressor drive motor rated voltage is 6000V, motor speed is 2970rpm, maximum mass flow is 15158kg/h, normal mass flow is 14227kg/h, design discharge pressure is 0.3MPa1.1MPa, discharge temperature is 50C-100C, Three-stage compression is adopted, and the water cooling method is used between the sections.

This set of large compressor units has a total of 2 sets, which is used for the 800,000 tons/year ethylene cracker. The unit body and instrument are completed. After the electrical installation, the cooling water system is flushed. After the oil transportation and auxiliary equipment are debugged, the motor is carried out. After the voltage withstand test of the cable and the stand-alone test of the motor, it is connected to the compressor. In order to ensure the normal operation of the compressor and the safety of the equipment in the future, and to provide a basis for future production, after a successful start, the surge test was carried out.

First, the surge test process and method Surge test itself is more or less harmful to the unit itself, but in order to ensure the safety of the unit and to maximize the capacity of the unit in the production process, cam-eron is on site. The original commissioning of the unit was carried out and a surge test was carried out.

If the test is carried out on the field control panel, the personnel can debug the unit through the on-site control panel to monitor the operation of the unit. On-site commissioning personnel need to adjust the compressor to the local mode on the control panel to start in the field. In the event of an emergency, the field personnel can quickly open the vent valve through the control panel, or the emergency stop button can be used to make emergency stop of the unit. In order to protect the unit, the air inlet valve still has a 5% opening when the IGV valve (inlet guide vane) is fully closed.

The auxiliary oil pump needs to be turned on 20 minutes before the test starts the air compressor. If the air compressor is to be turned on immediately, the auxiliary oil pump must be turned on for at least 5 minutes to form an oil film to protect the bearing. : Oil expectations. Through the use of this technology, the application of microelectronic technology in the production of tubular string is realized, which is of great significance for the acquisition of oil well stratified data and the dynamic monitoring of oilfield development.

For the problem of bottom water ridges, we can refer to the distribution of pressure drop during production, and adopt the method of simultaneous production of oil layer and water layer to eliminate the bottom water and control the water breakthrough in the oil well to prevent the water content in the oil well from rising. When drilling two layers in the well section or drilling two horizontal sections in the straight section, this is a positive measure to prevent water and gas from entering the well.

It is concluded that horizontal well completion techniques can be used in reservoir conditions such as thin reservoirs, high vertical permeability reservoirs, longitudinal fracture reservoirs, heterogeneous reservoirs, and reservoirs with bottom water contact problems. In the process of oil well exploitation, the phenomenon of oil well shutdown due to water in the well is prominent. Therefore, horizontal well drainage is a key point in the development of horizontal wells in the future. In the design process, effective measures should be taken with reference to actual geological conditions. Tibet can achieve balanced drainage of horizontal wells by designing the parameters of the completion section. For the exploitation of those bottom water reservoirs, the bottom water ridge phenomenon should be weakened by the method of completion and related parameters. Drainage can be achieved by means of changing the structure of the column or the parameters of the wellbore near the wellbore formation. Through the improvement of horizontal well drainage technology, the service life of oil wells can be greatly improved, and the level of exploration and exploitation of oil and gas fields in China can be improved.

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