Audi A8L Low-key and domineering

A8L is still very low-key, do not look carefully thought it was A6L that, although the body is large, but the control is still very good, the vehicle technology sense is very strong, very beautiful. Comfortable ride, adjustable suspension, four-wheel drive, rain and snow weather is very confident, excellent workmanship, which is the consistent quality of Volkswagen and Audi.

Today Xiao Bian brings you this Audi A8L [Import] 2012 3.0T tiptronic luxury model from Liaoning Shunzhong Shunwei Used Car Sales Service Co. , Ltd. , good condition, no accidents, like friends rushed to the store consulting Oh.

Appearance, Audi A8L Xenon headlights, powerful, powerful family mouth with shiny chrome trim, creating solemn solemn, side, streamlined shape, clear waistline, lengthened ratio is reasonable, even more Calm. Low-key and restrained, a very awkward look.

In terms of interiors, the interior workmanship is fine, and S class is not lost in terms of materials or technology. The most refined interior of the Audi has been opened. It is very good, especially when it comes to blocking and feeling. Space is a large word, large and very large, large enough to sleep, and large enough to do anything.

In terms of power, although it was 3.0 low power, it was enough to start business in the city. Under the s file, he stepped on the accelerator and felt a sense of pushing back. Basically, the shift is basically at 1300-1500. d step deep down the accelerator, the computer took about 1s to react. After switching to the s-file, the basic shift was more than 3,000 rpm.

Used Audi A8L detailed parameters see the table below

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