Full temperature shaker, analysis of low temperature anomaly of full temperature oscillator

Full temperature shaker , analysis of low temperature anomaly of full temperature oscillator

When the full-temperature shaker and the full-temperature oscillator are in use, they often encounter the situation that the cooling effect of the cabinet is not very satisfactory. In this case, Jingda Instruments introduces several possible situations in which the cooling effect is poor:

1. Check whether the adjusted temperature is correct. If the adjusted temperature is not low, the temperature will not fall automatically. It may be the cause of the ambient temperature. If it is summer, suddenly the temperature is adjusted too low, then it may not reach the set temperature all of a sudden. It needs a process.

2. The throttle valve is not properly adjusted or blocked, and the refrigerant flow is too large or too small. Throttle valve improper conditioning or blocking will directly affect the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator. When the opening degree of the throttle valve is too large, the flow of the refrigerant is large, the evaporation pressure and the evaporation temperature also increase, and the speed of the warehouse temperature decrease will be slowed down.

3 , full temperature shaker evaporator evaporator surface frost is too thick or too much dust, heat transfer effect is reduced. There are more air or refrigeration oils in the transpiration apparatus and the heat transfer effect is reduced. Once more heat is added to the transpiration tube inside and outside, the heat transfer coefficient will be reduced. If there is more air in the heat transfer tube, the heat transfer area of ​​the transpiration apparatus will be reduced. The power will also be significantly reduced, and the rate of decrease of the cabinet temperature will be slowed down.

LED cold light illumination full temperature shaker, full temperature oscillator picture

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