Yuchai Corporation Successfully Launches the First Dual-fuel Engine

In May, Yuchai 6A240 dual-fuel engine jointly developed by Yuchai Corporation and a dual-fuel system supplier in Shenzhen successfully completed the first phase of the work. The completion of the development of the dual-fuel engine marks Yuchai's move from a single fuel engine development to a dual-fuel engine development.

Yuchai's first dual-fuel engine was the first dual-fuel engine in China to be produced by a diesel engine plant and successfully introduced to the market. The fuel supply is precisely controlled by the electronic control system for diesel and natural gas at the same time. According to the current experimental development results, the blending ratio is as high as 90%. The system can effectively control the air-fuel ratio of the engine and make the fuel more fully burned. The average replacement rate of natural gas of Yuchai dual-fuel engine is over 50%, which can not only maintain the original engine dynamic performance, improve the economic efficiency of use, but also reduce the emission pollution index.

Yuchai dual-fuel engine can run under the state of mixed diesel and natural gas, and can also run under pure diesel state. It effectively solves the problem of insufficient natural gas engine mileage, and solves three major problems in environmental protection, energy saving, and fuel supplementation at one stroke. It is very suitable for the use of the road passenger transport market between natural gas-rich regions.

The first Yuchai dual-fuel engine has been manufactured and shipped to Yutong recently. The new ZK6909H rear-mounted 9m passenger car will soon be supplied to Hainan Motor Transport Company for use by Yutong.

The dual-fuel engine is another leading new technology achievement developed by Yuchai in response to the challenge of the upcoming new energy era after Yuchai experienced the technological development process of boosting, intercooling, diesel engine electronic control and post-processing upgrade. The successful development of the dual-fuel engine marks Yuchai’s new contribution to responding to the national energy-saving emission reduction policy and promoting the development strategy of new energy vehicles.
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