Don't spread the sesame seeds on the backbone of supporting parts

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's automobile industry, some key component key enterprises have grown up rapidly, and have greatly improved their product technology, technological equipment, management level, and market share at home and abroad. A certain degree of competitive advantage. However, after this financial crisis, China’s auto industry will not maintain its fast pace of development as before, and China’s spare parts companies will usher in a more fierce market competition situation. Performance in the overall quality of the enterprise, which requires these key components of key enterprises to be stronger as soon as possible.

At present, we are in a period of economic adjustment. This is a good opportunity for the improvement of the quality of our own enterprises. No matter whether it is an enterprise, a national competent department or an industrial organization, it should grasp this strategic opportunity. As an enterprise itself, in addition to guaranteeing basic normal operations, it is necessary to improve its technological development capability and management level through internal efforts. However, our country’s corporate foundation is still relatively weak, and it is very necessary for the country’s support and industry organizations to provide assistance in this regard and to play their role. Therefore, as the relevant state departments and industry organizations, in the aspect of strengthening the enterprise, in order to create favorable conditions for policy support and industry services, the formation of national policy support, the specific guidance and support measures of the relevant state departments, and the organization of the industry organizations The specific industry atmosphere implemented by the company.

Capital investment should be focused. Although the country has used huge amounts of money to support enterprises in order to cope with this financial crisis, it will only pay for each company. Therefore, the policies formulated should be broad, but specific measures for support should be focused and cannot be "sprinkled with sesame." There are many types of auto parts, and priority should be given to the selection of key components with high technology content, energy saving, emission reduction and safety, and financial support for key enterprises in this component industry.

We must establish a common technology platform. The technical level of China's auto parts and components products is generally low, even though the backbone enterprises with certain product development capabilities are more or less limited by some technical bottlenecks. The state should encourage key enterprises that produce the same products to unite in policy and absorb the participation of research institutes, establish common basic technology platforms, and conduct research on new materials, new technologies, and new technologies. Industry organizations should be organized, and relevant government departments should provide support in terms of funding.

Actively maintain industrial safety. Industry organizations need to find out the overall level of their key enterprises according to the type of component products. When a certain component industry suffers external damage, the relevant state departments should actively respond to it within the relevant regulatory framework and maintain its industry. Safety.

Actively encourage and support key enterprises to cooperate with foreign countries in various ways to obtain advanced technologies. The current international financial crisis has provided a golden opportunity for the technological upgrading of China's auto parts industry. The relevant state departments and industry organizations must actively guide and encourage key enterprises to seize this opportunity to further emancipate the mind and win stance with cooperation. , boldly go out; and in the foreign information, laws and regulations, international talent, credit, etc., play a role in the industry to support.

Industry organizations should comprehensively understand and master the basic conditions of each key component industry, and recommend relevant industry backbone enterprises to relevant state agencies and financial institutions to provide reference for key support.

At present, China is already a big country for automobile production. In the near future, we must also realize the goal of a powerful automobile manufacturing country. To achieve this goal, we must have a strong auto parts industry. We believe that as long as government departments, industry organizations, and key enterprises work together and work hard, there will be a group of highly qualified and competitive international companies in the auto parts industry in China.

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