Auto parts companies to invest 1 billion Guangzhou Huadu factory

On the afternoon of July 31st, the ceremony to mark the foundation for the new project of Guangzhou Huadu (International) Automobile Industry Base in 2009 was held in the Huadu (International) Automobile Industry Base. There are 11 companies participating in the foundation laying, all of which are auto parts companies. They will invest about RMB 1 billion to expand production or invest in new plants in Huadu Motor City. Chen Guo, deputy mayor of Guangzhou attended the ceremony.

According to the development trend of the automobile industry, the Huadu District Party Committee Government has re-planned the overall layout of the Huadu Automobile Industry Base, surrounded the Laoshan Mountain, and planned a larger area of ​​parts and high-tech industrial parks. The entire park is divided into 5 zeros. The component industry cluster provides ample room for the development of auto parts companies. There were 11 companies that participated in the foundation laying on the day, all of which are auto parts companies. They will invest about RMB 1 billion to expand production or invest in new plants in Huadu Motor City. Leaders of the Huadu District promised at the foundation laying ceremony that the Huadu District Party Committee and District Government will continue to increase investment in the automotive industry base, provide good investment development and living environment for the company, and strive to occupy an important position in the national automobile industry.

Recently, Dongfeng Nissan officially announced to the public that the Dongfeng Nissan passenger vehicle capacity expansion project officially settled in Huadu. After the project is completed and put into production, the production capacity of Dongfeng Nissan passenger vehicles will double to 700,000 units. Huahua is expected to take the lead in realizing the “three one million vehicles” development plan in Guangzhou. The implementation of the capacity expansion project will be applied to Huadu auto parts and components. Enterprise development has extraordinary significance.

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