Dongfeng Auto Body Parts Co., Ltd. actively responded to the financial crisis

Dongfeng Auto Body Parts Company, in response to the impact of the current international financial turmoil on the automotive industry, organized all cadres and employees to take active measures to tighten the "rigorous winter." The current “severe winter” faced by the auto industry is a challenge and an opportunity. Only by leading the employees to participate in “winter swimming” instead of passive “hibernation” can the company continuously enhance its core competitiveness in resisting market risks.

To this end, the company's leadership team will organize all high-level management personnel and business leaders to carry out education on the situation and goals. In-depth analysis of the current economic situation, the establishment of the next period of time, inwardly austerity spending, external pioneering, deepen the K 3rd cost reduction work, looking for opportunities in the dilemma of the working idea. Second, following the "Management Improvement Years" of 2008, the focus of business management in 2009 has been adjusted to the "learning training year". Using the gaps in the current production tasks are not busy, we must seize the time and work hard to build up the company's follow-up development. solid foundation. Thirdly, the company’s leadership team went deep into the workshop team and communicated extensively with the employees. They answered questions concerning employee labor services, low-yield distribution plans, and employee training, which greatly encouraged employees’ confidence in overcoming the financial crisis. And determination. The fourth is to use slogans, banners, local area networks, publicity windows and other media to carry out public opinion propaganda, and to publicize the company’s 2009 policy objectives and five specific measures taken to achieve the overall goals. The fifth was the launch of the monthly class theme competition, which involved 12 items such as safety and environmental protection, quality management, equipment maintenance, and class leader management that were closely related to the construction of the team. This stimulated the enthusiasm of the team members. . The sixth is to intensify efforts in energy conservation and emission reduction, establish awareness of conservation, awareness of cost and quality, and eliminate all waste in the enterprise.

Through a series of solid and effective work, the various parts of the body parts company in the first quarter of 2009 were successfully completed, the workforce sentiment was stable, and the company’s production and operating performance improved steadily.

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