Panzhihua drought in Sichuan worsens the difficulty of drafting more than 100,000 people

Panzhihua drought in Sichuan worsens more than 100,000 people's draught hard diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-03-03

Continued high-temperature weather has led to droughts in 13 townships such as Renhe District and Yanbian County in Panzhihua, Sichuan Province. Aggravating ponds, reservoirs, and wells have dried up, making it difficult for more than 100,000 people to draught.
According to reports, with the arrival of peak agricultural water use and the gradual reduction of reservoir water storage capacity, the situation of human and livestock water shortages in the affected areas will continue to expand, and the drought situation is very severe.
In the town of Pingdi, Renhe District, Panzhihua, the reporter saw that the reservoir in the town had dried up and the cracks in the road were filled with mud cracks. “The Pingdi Reservoir can store 385 million square meters of water, and since 2009, the drought has continued, resulting in continued reduction of reservoir water storage. The rainfall in Pingdi Town this year is only about 38 mm, and the reservoir cannot hold water,” said Yang Ping, mayor of Pingdi Town. The town's 17 reservoirs and 33 ponds have less than 50,000 square feet of water, which is enough for the town to maintain about half a month.
In Pingdi Town Central School, two water trucks are waiting at the school gate. “The school’s water supply has been broken since December last year. After pumping groundwater, the groundwater is getting smaller and smaller.” President Liu Qixiang told reporters that the school began to provide limited-time water supply and completely cut off water afterwards.
After learning about the power supply not far from the school, the power department sent water from the urban area to the school every day to temporarily solve the school’s daily drinking water and cooking water. “Every day I only have half a pot of water. After washing my face, gargle, and washing my feet, the water is used to pour the flowers and trees in the school yard.” said Nan Chunyan of the fifth-grade five-class class.
“The town of Pingdi is drilling wells. The villagers have already played 54 shallow wells. At the same time, we are laying a 8 km long pipeline to raise water from Yuejin Reservoir and use “distant water” to solve the “near thirst” approach. Temporarily solve emergency water for drought relief.” Yang Ping emphasized that if it still cannot be solved, it will only pump water from the Jinsha River with “high price”.
Since June of last year, a drought has begun in Zhulinpo Village, Geliping Town, at an altitude of 1900 meters. Draining wells in the village and drinking water are also difficult. The villagers have backwaters in wells with water in the distance, and even some villagers. Riding a motorcycle down the mountain to quench the thirst.
In the group of Zhulinpo Village, there is a large mountain that has a gap of more than 10 meters and covers an area of ​​tens of acre. It is the only Shan Ping Tang in the village. Due to the low water supply and dripping rainfall, the Shan Ping Tang, which has maintained thousands of cubic meters of water, has remained. It became the foothills of the villagers who said that they "install the sun during the day and install the moon at night."
According to the meteorological department's analysis, it is expected that from March to May, Panzhihua City will continue to show a trend of high temperatures, low precipitation, dry air and drought. (Finish)
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