Yunnan Qujing city management guards the night market to give hawkers umbrellas

Yunnan Qujing city guarding night market to hawkers to send umbrella diesel generator | diesel generators price / 2012-03-26

When it comes to urban management and hawkers, most of the scenes in the minds of the people are estimated to be this scene - hawkers scramble to carry large bags in front of the run, and urban management members chase behind. In the lively "Culture Road Night Market" in the city of Qujing's Kylin City, street vendor hawkers saw the urban management are very calm - the 252 stalls are designated by the city management, which is the "introduction into the market" of the urban management of Qilin District, Qujing City. After the change.
Conjunct to create a lively night market
“Cultural Road Night Market” is famous in the city of Kirin. This department store market built by contiguous plots is a lively spot in the city of Kirin at night. It is open at 8 p.m. until 11 o’clock. The clothes, handmade works, jewelry, various Toys, more than 500 stalls together extend nearly 500 meters.
This bustling night market can almost be said to have been built by the city management. In 2009, Kirin Urban Management used the method of “quota introduction” for the management of hawkers for the first time, that is, a designated area was divided in urban areas, and approved personnel set aside a designated period of time. The entire city of Kirin has drawn more than 1,500 booths, giving priority to free-riding crowds to qualify for a stall. Culture Road has granted 252 booths here. The hawkers no longer run up the street, and the city management does not need to chase them all over the streets.
“We are all very grateful for this policy. Once we don’t need to be full of people, we’re so tired that the business is getting better and better. Secondly, it won’t be swayed by the city management and things will not be confiscated.” Uncle Zhang, 59, and His wife set up a small booth selling shoes insoles at the night market in Wenhua Road, and put it on a two-hour evening. Each month this stall can bring them more than 100 yuan of income. The money is not too much, but this business is not tiring, the old couple feel very suitable for them.
39-year-old Xiong Jianfen sells fruit on the roadside of the Shengfeng Community. Today, the stalls have more than 20 varieties of fruit and there are a large number of repeat customers. The 53-year-old Wen Bixuan wears shoes at the footbridge of Qilin South Road. When they say that business is good, they can earn sixty to seventy a day... Their booths have all been approved by the city administration. “Not only did we not marry us, but we also gave us a few umbrellas for free.”
Urban management guards the night market
Every time the Cultural Night Market opens, the members of the Kirin City Management Second Squadron must guard the entire process. In addition to regulating the placement of booths, their rated duties are approximately to hold onto cultural roads and major roads where Kirin South Road is transferred without being invaded. Because, after the start of the night market, as long as the urban management is not in place, the places where the two roads are handed over will be filled with snack cars and bicycles and motorcycles that are randomly placed. Not only will the sidewalks be largely impassable, road traffic will also be greatly affected. At this time, passers-by will always hear complaints about “how can the city management not manage?”
Recently, it has become the “disease” of the Kirin Urban Management. The night market originally designated only 252 stalls. Today, it has expanded to more than 500, and more than half of the stalls have not been approved. In addition, they also found that some of the numbered booths were rented out at prices ranging from tens of yuan to a few hundred yuan per month. The Evening News reporter even asked for more than a dozen booths at the night market. Only two of them were approved from the city management at the beginning, and the rest were sublet.
“Our original intention was good. I did not expect this to happen.” A replanning and adjustment of the “Cultural Road Night Market” was included in the agenda. The goal was to “re-divide the stalls and the hawkers who had sublet Will lose the power to continue business here." However, how to do it has made Kirin City Administration guilty of difficulties. If the "certification method" after re-planning is not in place, I am afraid that the phenomenon of sub-lease will appear again.
Although more than 1,500 booths have been planned, there are still many “mobile commandos” on the streets of Qilin City. The scenes of urban management and peddlers are not uncommon. Those hawkers who are chasing down have complained of bitter water. "When there is a contradiction between the order of the city and making a living, the survival must be greater than the order." Yang Bo, the director of the Comprehensive Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau of Qilin District, said that their current solution to this contradiction is to "lock up and combine sparsely," that is, " Operate within a specified time without prejudice to the city's appearance, order and traffic.
Their other idea is that when the vulnerable groups violate the law, they are mainly punished by education. “Teach him how to follow the rules and regulations, and he will not be changed or even provoked by law enforcement officials.” Yang Bo said that they also considered the hawkers in the punishment. The ability to bear, "even a fine of five dollars."
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