The first list of rare earth companies meeting environmental requirements

On the 24th, the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued the first list of rare earth enterprises that meet environmental protection requirements and made public announcements. Tao Detian, a spokesman for the Ministry of Environmental Protection, said that in the future, environmental protection agencies at all levels will not examine and approve environmental impact assessment documents for new (reformed or expanded) projects that are not listed in the announcement, and will not provide approvals for them. Special environmental protection funds support and issue environmental certifications, standards or compliance documents in any aspect.

Tao Detian said that in order to promote the sustainable and sound development of the rare earth industry and improve the level of environmental protection in the rare earth industry, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has issued the Notice on Launching Environmental Protection Verification of Rare Earth Enterprises and the Enhancement of Ecological Protection and Management of Rare Earth Mines since April this year. The “Restoration Opinions” prepared the “Verification Measures for Environmental Protection of Rare Earth Enterprises” and the “Guide to the Verification of Rare Earth Enterprise Environmental Protection”, and asked the local governments to review the approval of rare earth ore mining, smelting and separation, and metal smelting enterprises from the EIA Efforts have been made to conduct comprehensive verification of emission reductions, discharge of sewage charges, clean production, and disposal and disposal of hazardous wastes. The 14 provincial environmental protection agencies across the country reported the list of 84 rare earth companies that passed the preliminary examination and the results of the review. After rigorous review, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has screened 15 companies as the first batch of rare earth enterprises that meet environmental protection requirements and announced to the public.

Tao Detian pointed out that through environmental verification, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has basically figured out the environmental protection status of the rare earth industry. At present, there are more than 300 enterprises in the rare earth industry, mainly in Inner Mongolia, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Fujian, Hunan, Shandong, Guangxi, Sichuan and other provinces (regions). Judging from the verification situation, the overall level of environmental protection in the industry is relatively low, and environmental pollution and ecological damage are more prominent. The main performances are: First, some construction projects violate the environmental impact assessment system, they have not carried out the EIA approval or have not fulfilled the requirements for the EIA approval; second, the disposal and disposal of solid wastes and hazardous wastes are not standardized, and most of the radioactive wastes have not been treated and there are potential safety hazards; It is the serious ecological destruction of mining enterprises. All localities implement the principle of reforming the whole area, supervise the rare earth enterprises to increase investment in environmental protection, and rectify existing problems. According to preliminary statistics, 84 rare earth enterprises that have passed the preliminary examination at the provincial level plan to invest more than 4 billion yuan, and have invested RMB 500 million to reform the environmental treatment facilities such as wastewater, waste gas and solid waste. For those enterprises that have not been actively rectified, and do not meet the requirements of environmental protection verification and have serious violations, they have taken measures to stop production, rectify and rectify, and effectively promoted the elimination of backward production capacity of the rare earth industry and optimization of industrial structure.

Tao Detian said that for companies that have not passed this environmental verification, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has instructed local companies to urge enterprises to increase their efforts in rectification. For enterprises that severely damage the ecological environment and damage the health of the people, all levels of environmental protection departments are required to punish severely according to law. The Ministry of Environmental Protection will also regard the verification of corporate environmental protection as an industrial pollution prevention measure that emphasizes both environmental impact assessment and total emission reduction, and comprehensively deals with rare earth, steel, leather, lead storage batteries, citric acid, monosodium glutamate, starch and starch sugar, and alcohol. The polluting industry conducts environmental verifications, effectively promotes the transformation of development modes in various industries through environmental verification, and strives to resolve outstanding environmental issues that affect scientific development and harm people's health.

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