Jiangling Collection: Defining the New Standard for Diesel Pickup III

The National II model is about to exit the stage of history. Starting in July, the Chinese automobile market will usher in the era of the State III. In the face of the introduction of the new policy, some car companies with forward-looking strategies are already well prepared. With its classic diesel power and excellent quality, Jiangling Book Pickup will continue to lead the high end and define the new standard for the National III diesel pickup truck.

Classic Isuzu quality

Jiangling is one of the first companies to produce diesel pickups and has a background in joint ventures and cooperation with Isuzu Technology. As one of the most successful commercial vehicle manufacturers in the world, Isuzu Motors has been leading the world in the field of light trucks for decades. Its classic engine type, the 4JB1 diesel engine, is always winning.

Based on Isuzu's technology and its own production platform, Jiangling·Biandian, an independent brand, keeps up with the international advanced technology while maintaining the organic matching of the Isuzu trucks and power, maintaining the constant innovation of products and leading the industry. Since the advent of the Baodian Code, the market share has gradually increased. For every 4 diesel pickup users, 1 person uses a Jiangling pickup truck. One pass ten, ten pass hundred, word of mouth, competing to buy. It also began its long-term superiority of diesel pickups dominance of the brilliance journey - 9 consecutive years of sales champion.

High pressure common rail power

In the rapidly developing global diesel vehicle market, the diesel high pressure common rail system represents the latest technology and future direction of diesel engines, and it is the best technical solution for achieving State III emission of diesel engines. At present, only a few brands have mastered this technology in China. On the basis of Euro II Turbocharged Diesel Engine, the National III Collection Code imports the electronically controlled high pressure common rail fuel injection system of Germany's Bosch, which is in line with international standards in the core power, and has seized the commanding height in one fell swoop.

According to a technical expert, the high-pressure common-rail engine mounted on the National III Collection has reduced gas discharge by 20%, increased horsepower and torque by 18% and 23%, improved fuel efficiency by 10%, and easily passed the national III emission requirements. This engine has reached a perfect level in emissions, vibration and noise.

Comfort and safety are more economical

Baodian is equipped with 10 major passive safety devices such as electronic ABS braking system and other 4 active safety devices and dual airbags. When the car was driving at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour on the gravel roads in the potholes, Baodian's ABS devices responded smoothly and smoothly. The gears and clutches in the driving process are all very easy. They can obviously feel the strong driving force of the car and walk through the traffic. The stable and solid chassis and flexible maneuvers make the long journey a pleasure.

Baodian's fuel-saving advantages are also obvious to all. The miracle of “6.44 liters crossing Hainan (230 kilometers)” created by the industry has still been vividly remembered by many users. After the introduction of the fuel tax, Baodian's fuel consumption per 100 km was lower than the “oil balance point” (7.14L), which not only did not increase the burden on users, but also saved a lot of fuel costs.

Every time the industry standard upgrades, there is no shortage of Baodian. Jiangling Collection is the first pick-up brand that puts forward the three industry standards of “economy, durability, and comfort” and has done the most perfect. In 2007, Jiangling successfully launched the National III Collection and became China's first diesel pickup to achieve State III emission. Entering the era of the State III, Baodian once again made efforts to become the new leader in high-end diesel pickups.

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