Eight polymers such as HBCDD on the EU REACH black list

The REACH regulations that have attracted the attention of polymer companies have already been announced. The European Commission has recently nominated 15 kinds of chemical substances to be listed on the “black list” of REACH legislation, of which 8 are common chemicals for polymer production.
The first batch of highly regarded chemicals included in the “black list” of the REACH regulation are chemicals of concern, including the plasticizer DEHP, which is the most commonly used plasticizer in the production of various polymer products for the past 60 years. The deactivation of DEHP indicates that industrial production Many of the commonly used substances will be phased out. Chemicals nominated to affect the polymer industry are as follows:
DEHP and DBP%26BBP for phthalate plasticizers for the production of PVC and other polymeric resins, HBCCD for flame retardants for polystyrene production, MDA for MDI manufacture in polyurethane production, and SCCPs for rubber Flame retardants produced from paints, sealants and adhesives, tributyl tin oxide used as a fungicide for marine antifouling paints.
The first batch of REACH blacklists emphasized that polymer producers and polymer product users must comply with the implementation of the REACH regulation. This batch of “blacklists” will be announced before the end of January. Once the company enters into force, companies will include these substances in all products. More than 0.1% of the products are banned from use, and consumers can consult suppliers or retailers directly for the content of these substances, and manufacturers or retailers should reply within 45 days.

The  SINOTRUK HOWO Water tank truck is mainly used for construction of mines and other enterprises, road flushing and 

dust covering in large-medium-scale cities.

Internal Anti - Corrosion Water Tank Truck , HOWO Water Transport Trucks 6-25CBM

SINOTRUK HOWO Water tank truck is widely used in city landscaping, road or mine site dusty restrain and so on.

Working principle is truck engine driven gearbox, gearbox mounted power take-off drive sprinkler pumps, sprinkler pump produces the main driving force, inside the tank of liquid through the pipe to spray out.

Self suction height: less than or equal to 7m, sprinkler width: is equal to or more than 20m, maximum range: greater than or equal to 28m; adjusting the pillars, the range is more than or equal to 28m; also can be adjusted into a mist, a range of equal to or more than 5m. Before the spray sprinkle, is arranged 

in front of the duck shaped nozzle or round blunt mouth, mounted behind the open sprinkler nozzle or shower nozzle of cylinder, at the back of the work platform, equipped with water cannons.

Howo Water Truck

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