Bacterial Disease Control Technology

At present, once the bacterial disease of agricultural crops broke out, the lack of efficient, low-toxicity, broad-spectrum pesticides was often not prevented and the production of vegetables was reduced, and rice was even missing. Longke Microorganism Suspension (Thiococcus copper) produced by Zhejiang Longwan Chemical Co., Ltd. provides a new approach for the prevention and treatment of bacterial diseases. Now it has been listed as a national key new product and promotion variety, and it is a pesticide species produced by pollution-free agricultural products recommended by the Ministry of Agriculture. The product is a new type of fungicide with high efficiency, low toxicity, low residue, safety and environmental protection. The use of the technology is described as follows:
First, application methods: In the early stage of crop diseases, use 20% locillum suspension agent 100 ml water 40-50 kg (400-500 times) fine spray; 400-500 disease on the crop leaf, fruit disease Fine spray, the amount of spray should be more than 50 kilograms per acre; root disease with 400-500 times to root or shower root treatment.
Second, note:
1. Appropriate period of application: The prevention should be the main method. It is better to use drugs before the onset of typhoon or early onset of disease. If you miss the prevention of time caused by severe disease, can be used once every 7-10 days, continuous control 2-3 times, can significantly reduce the loss.
2. Shake well before use, if any precipitation should be shaken before use, but does not affect the efficacy.
3. Can be mixed with various insecticides, acaricides and fungicides. However, it cannot be mixed with alkaline pesticides.
4. When using, first use a small amount of water to make the agent into the mother liquor, and then dilute the spray to dilute the effect.

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