Pre-holiday car rental notes

Pre-holiday car rental notes

1. Choose a regular company

Before you rent a car, you must check the various documents of the car rental company. To choose a company with complete procedures, it is more secure. It is best to choose a larger leasing company and not be attracted by the low price of some non-linked small companies.

2. Clear lease contract

Pay attention to the details and terms of the leasing contract. When signing a car rental contract, the daily rent price must be clearly written. The daily mileage should be negotiated with the leasing company according to the requirements. The relevant responsibilities should be clarified, especially the principle of clear penalty violation.

3. Comprehensive inspection of the vehicle

Check whether the driving permit, road maintenance voucher, and strong insurance voucher are complete; check the car body for scratches, whether the lights are complete, whether the lock is normal, etc.; check the operating status of the refrigerant, oil, battery, oil gauge, brake, air conditioner, etc. .

4. Correct handling of unexpected situations

If the car breaks down, it must contact the leasing company for the first time. Do not repair it without authorization. Otherwise, the car rental company will investigate your liability for breach of contract. In the event of an accident, the relevant department should be notified as soon as possible, and there must be an accident determination letter from the traffic police or a proof from the safety committee. These two are the proofs necessary for insurance claims. The insurance must be notified at the earliest time, and cannot be more than 24 hours at the latest, and contact the car rental company to assist you in resolving related matters.

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