In March, "zero orders" subsidized empty window bus companies have their own countermeasures

On September 17, new policies for the promotion of subsidies for new energy vehicles came out. From the end of May this year to the introduction of the new policy, the subsidy policy for new energy vehicles was completely suspended. In the past three months, although the domestic new energy passenger car market has almost a full “zero order” situation, each new energy bus manufacturing The development of enterprises in this area did not stop.

In the "vacant period" of the subsidy policy, how did each bus company make a move? The reporter recently conducted a survey.

Zhongtong: Take advantage of local subsidies to seize new energy bases at the end of the year

In the “vacant period” of subsidy policy, Zhongtong Bus reversed upstream. In July, Laiwu Bus purchased 40 Zhongtong 10.5m gas-electric hybrid buses at one time. This order was the first new in the industry after the end of the state subsidy policy. Energy bus orders.

When the entire new energy bus market was in a depression, how did the Zhongtong Bus achieve counter-attacks?

“Laiwu Bus is able to purchase 40 Zhongtong New Energy buses at one time for a reason. In 2004, China Communications began to build new energy buses. In 7 years of research and development, Zhongtong New Energy Bus Technology has gradually matured and its technical advantages Continually transforming it into a cost advantage. On the one hand, the advanced technology of Zhongtong New Energy Bus has reduced costs; on the other hand, Shandong Provincial Department of Finance has also given local subsidies.” When talking about the company’s substantial growth in the first half of the year, Sun Qingmin, general manager of the passenger bus, told reporters.

It is reported that in recent years, Zhongtong Bus has been adhering to a sound business strategy. Its marketing strategy is aimed at “big cities, large customers, big information, and large orders”. Many orders (not limited to new energy vehicles) are 80-100 vehicles this year. between. At the same time, Zhongtong Bus immediately adjusted the product structure, insisted on walking in front of the industry, and continuously researched and developed new models to meet the new demands of the market.

Although the national new energy bus subsidy was suspended, Zhongtong did not stop focusing on the development of new energy buses. Zhongtong New Energy Bus Production Base is expected to be completed by the end of this year. In March next year, Zhongtong Bus will realize overall relocation. After full production, the new energy bus production base will reach a production capacity of 30,000 passenger cars, including 20,000 new energy buses and 10,000 gas buses.

It can be seen from this that one of the key development priorities of Zhongtong Bus is still the new energy bus.

Hengtong Electric Bus: Zero orders in the new plant can be delivered in batches at any time

Chongqing is known as the “mountain city” and the “fireplace city”, with high slopes on mountain roads and high temperatures in summer. These environments are a severe test for electric buses. In August, the reporter went to Chongqing Yubei Airport electric bus charging station, where 5 or 6 Hengtong electric buses are charging. The reporter saw that the charge record of each car in the charging station was recorded by the staff in detail on the book.

“Chongqing has a high temperature and many slopes on the road. This group of electric buses has used two summers. At present, there is no major problem with the battery and the body.” said the driver, who was resting in the charging station.

In April this year, the Chongqing Hengtong electric bus was relocated to the new factory. Fang Dewang reporter saw in the interview that the production workshop of Hengtong Electric Bus was neat, but the entire workshop did not see production workers. Hengtong Electric Bus Quality Minister Tu Zhongcheng told reporters: “The Hengtong Electric Bus New Plant adheres to a zero-inventory production strategy, and there are no orders for the suspension of the subsidy policy. Hengtong’s workers have been distributed to various bus stations in Chongqing to engage in summer vehicle safety. Inspection and maintenance."

Deng Ping, general manager of Chongqing Hengtong Electric Bus Co., Ltd., said that although Hengtong electric buses are currently in the production phase, this is just an empty window of policy and does not mean that the new energy bus industry has no future. The new energy bus will be the focus of the development of the bus industry in the future. Since Hengtong's electric buses were stationed in Chongqing's public transport in 2011, the number of fast-charging buses in Chongqing has increased year by year. The 10-minute fast charging mode of Hengtong Electric Bus has been very effective in Chongqing's special road environment.

At present, there are 800 hybrid buses and 31 pure electric buses in the main urban area of ​​Chongqing. It is estimated that the number of new energy buses will increase to about 1,000 by the end of the year.

Yutong: Perfection of new energy bus will be pushed overseas

Last year, Yutong sold about 1,770 new energy vehicles. From January to June this year, the sales of new energy buses accounted for 55% of Yutong's bus sales of more than 10 meters. As the leading domestic passenger car, Yutong Bus achieved a net profit of 632 million yuan in the first half of the year, an increase of 7.18% over the same period of last year. During the reporting period, Yutong Energy-Saving and new energy bus production bases were gradually put into production. In the first half of the year, more than 2,000 hybrid buses were sold, and the market share was about 40%. Yutong’s advantages in the field of new energy buses initially showed up. In the “vacant period” without government subsidies, how did Yutong respond?

At present, although the orders for new energy passenger cars have fallen sharply, the pace of Yutong's development of new energy buses has not slowed. In this unsubsidized "window period", Yutong has been busy adjusting products and optimizing performance.

"Absolutely do not take users to do experiments, this is Yutong always adhere to the principle. For example, for some early models in the market with poor feedback, although the number of sales is not much, but Yutong still spent a lot of cost to carry out rectification, all adjusted to In the best state, during the sale of new energy buses, the country’s subsidy cannot be received, regardless of the user’s use effects.Only in the research and development of new energy power systems, Yutong has introduced 12 Ph.D. "Human resources and material resources." Li Gaopeng, Yutong New Energy Bus Department Minister told reporters.

It is reported that Yutong has currently exported new energy buses to overseas, but the number is still small. Talking about the expansion of overseas markets, Li Gaopeng said: “Yutong’s consistent idea is that it can only be promoted on a large scale only when the product performance is stable. At present, we think that Yutong New Energy Bus can be promoted in the country, but go abroad, we It's still more cautious. Now that the product has been put into the domestic market for two years, it will take another year or two before we can consider expanding it abroad."

It can be seen that Yutong is concentrating on perfecting the product performance in the market downturn. In the future market competition, Yutong will come up with more reliable and energy-saving new energy bus products.

According to the “2012 China New Energy Bus Consumption Report”, as of 2012, a total of 11,777 new energy buses were operated in the 25 pilot cities of 25 “10 cities, 10 cities” demonstration operation. No matter whether it is a city that has already been piloted or a non-pilot city with “ten cities, thousands of cars”, new energy buses still have a very broad market space.

In the "vacant period" of subsidy policy, various mainstream companies have not abandoned the development of new energy buses, but have built new bases, in-depth inspections and maintenance, and actively adjust products and improve vehicle models. Now, with the introduction of the New Deal subsidies, the new energy bus market is expected to enter a period of rapid development. These companies will no doubt also benefit first.

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