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Introducing the old-age sightseeing bus, also known as the old-age scooter and the old three (four) wheeler, is an ideal vehicle for the elderly to travel outdoors. Its performance is relatively stable, the speed is slow, the use of electricity without refueling, it is also known as environmentally friendly old cars, elderly electric vehicles use a lot of energy, mainly lead-acid batteries (including lead-acid colloidal batteries), nickel-metal hydride batteries, nickel-cadmium Batteries, nickel-iron batteries, lithium-ion batteries (often called lithium batteries), fuel cells, etc. The fuel cell converts chemical energy directly into electrical energy isothermally and electrochemically. It does not go through the thermal process and is therefore not subject to the Carnot cycle

The limitation is that the energy conversion efficiency is high (40-60%); there is almost no emission of NOx and SOx. Moreover, CO2 emissions are also reduced by more than 40% compared to conventional power plants. In the design of the speed, it must be controlled within 18 km/h; in terms of climbing ability, it must be able to climb more than 15 degrees (the ordinary 2 wheel electric vehicles cannot climb this gradient). The concept of a slope of more than 15 degrees may be more abstract. Let's say for example: Now that the slope of the underground garage in the community, the old age scooters should be able to climb smoothly at a safe speed, even the older scooters with stronger traction, in the middle of the slope Cold start, easy to climb with zero acceleration. In addition, in terms of braking and braking, it is necessary to have a positioning brake device. It should also be equipped with a reversing function and reversing voice prompts. A safe old-age scooter must have at least the above configuration and performance in order to bring safe and comfortable driving experience to the elderly.

Car function electronic control system:
The electronic control system determines the performance and reliability of the entire year. Our company adopts the international advanced IGBTA power module electronic control system, which is highly efficient, energy-saving, maintenance-free, high reliability, and high power. The rated work rate is as high as 92% and can be effective. The use of limited battery power increases the mileage of electric vehicles, improves the long-term running economy of vehicles, and has overvoltage, overcurrent, undervoltage, overload, electronic thermal relays, and overheating protection.
Power Systems:
Using 48V high-energy valve-controlled electric vehicle battery, the battery energy ratio is higher than the traditional power battery more than 10%, long service life, cycle life of 650 times, much higher than the national regulations 400 times. High and low temperature performance, can withstand harsh working environment, high charge and discharge efficiency.
Charging system:
The automatic intelligent charger adopts pulse charging technology, which is small in size, light in weight, and high in charging efficiency. Therefore, the use cost is low, the power consumption per hundred kilometers is only 6 degrees, and the charging overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, etc. are increased at the same time. Protective function.
Strong climbing ability:
1500W high-power drive motor with differential rear axle direct drive method, makes the full power of the vehicle more powerful than similar products, strong climbing ability, semi-slope start operation is safe and simple, the maximum speed of up to 25 kilometers per hour .

The principle of safety to customers is responsible. In the course of development, our company has implemented the relevant standards, regulations and test specifications of the national non-road vehicles. Although the car-level handbrake system and double rear drum brakes increase the manufacturing cost of the vehicle, However, the driving safety is greatly enhanced. Safety is our unrelenting goal. We care more about your driving safety! Choosing the Ouba Sightseeing Car, you have no worry!

During the entire vehicle comfort design process, in order to improve the ride comfort of the entire vehicle, the self-developed car-type chassis of the company, the front and rear axles of the company are combined with four independent hydraulic vibration damping systems, which bring more comfort to the occupants. . Short wheelbase design and excellent maneuverability. Seats that are fully ergonomically designed to allow passengers to enjoy driving pleasure even on poor roads.

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