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Snow Removal Use The purpose of the snow removal is to remove ice and snow from the road. Snow-removal vehicles usually use the chassis of the dump truck as a basis, plus the conversion of special snow removal equipment. Many government agencies also use smaller vehicles to remove snow from sidewalks, paths and bicycle trails. The management agencies and contractors responsible for road maintenance in the temperate or polar regions often own several snow removal vehicles so that they can be put into use during the winter to ensure the removal of ice and snow on roads and the safety of traffic. At the airport, snow removal vehicles are used to remove snow and ice from the surface of the aircraft, runways and taxiways. Because in addition to threatening aircraft takeoffs and landings, ice and snow can also interfere with the aerodynamics of the aircraft.

The development of the snow removal machinery industry uses a multi-purpose snow removal truck to remove snow, which is the most efficient one among various snow removal methods. The multi-purpose snow-removing vehicle technology in high-latitude developed countries started early. After decades of development, it has been very mature. Different types of equipment can be selected for different road conditions and climatic conditions. It is efficient and reliable to use, and it is advanced “immediate snow removal”. Ideal tool choice. The domestic snow removal machinery industry has also been developing rapidly in recent years under the guidance of the national policy on mechanized snow removal. However, in most practical products, both the quality of the machine itself and the effect of removing snow have a certain gap with foreign advanced equipment.

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