Modern concrete pump truck and construction application technology

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Book information title: "Modern concrete pump truck and construction application technology" [1]
Market price:Â¥32
Author: Zhang Guozhong
Publisher: China Building Materials Industry Press
Listing date: November 2004
Format: 16 open
Number of pages: 279
ISBN No.: 7-80159-681-1

This book comprehensively describes the status of the development of modern concrete pump, construction casting process, equipment operating procedures, failure to process, analyze the overall structure of concrete pump truck, concrete pump and introduced concrete pump hydraulic, electrical, lubrication and The cleaning system also discusses the research and design methods of pump trucks and some unique pumping devices in a certain space. Finally, it also introduces some influential manufacturers of concrete pump trucks and their products.

Audience The book can be used as a book for technical management, design, construction, equipment operation and maintenance personnel engaged in the work of concrete machinery. It can also be used as reference for teachers and students of mechanical and civil engineering majors and technical secondary schools.

Catalog Chapter 1 Concrete Pumping Equipment and Its Development
Chapter 2 Modern Concrete Pump Construction Technology
Chapter 3 Operation of Concrete Pump Trucks
Chapter 4 The overall structure and main technical parameters of the pump truck
Chapter 5 Concrete Pumps
Chapter 6 Hydraulic Drive System of Concrete Pump Truck
Chapter 7 Other Systems of Concrete Pump Trucks
Chapter 8 Failure and Maintenance of Concrete Pump Trucks
Chapter 9 Research Methods and New Technologies of Concrete Pump Trucks
Chapter 10 Main Products of Concrete Pumps at Home and Abroad

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