Different system self-service lockers use Raiders

The self-service locker is a storage facility that we can often see in our daily lives. It appears in all walks of life. We can see it when we are in a supermarket mall, and when we go to the playground, we can see it. When the pavilion visits objects, it can also be seen. It is so silent in our lives, and its usefulness is to help us store those inconvenient items. The self-service locker system is divided into eight categories. The use of the money system is not the same, the following Xiaobian here to introduce you one by one. Learn more about the parameters and pricing of self-service lockers please click {Contact Us}
Self-service locker
Barcode system Self-service locker: The self-service locker of the barcode system is the most common one. Its use method is very simple. When we use it, we can click on it and a bar code will appear to remove the bar code paper. , And then store the items in the cabinet door, close the cabinet door, and wait until we need to remove the items, just swipe the bar code paper on the scanner to open the door.
Card system self-service locker: This system's self-service locker, usually need to enter the proximity card, of course, this is only too much for the management, for the user is very simple, when using the card system self-service lockers We only need to align the proximity card with the sensing area to complete the access.
Self-encoding system self-service locker: This system is also known as the electronic password system. Its use method is to enter the six-digit password before use to open the cabinet door. When the item needs to be removed, it will be input. Enter the six-digit password to open the door to remove items.
Fingerprint system self-service locker: The use of the fingerprint system is relatively simple. When it is used, we only need to press the thumb into the fingerprint area, the door opens, and then we press the thumb again when we need to take it. Fingerprints go to open the door to remove items.
Coin system self-service locker: This system is usually used in conjunction with the bar code system, you need to coin before use, and then click save, you can appear bar code paper, take away the goods, the bar code paper alignment Code area can be.
Face recognition system Self-service locker: The use of self-service locker for face recognition system is very simple, but its requirements are relatively high. When using it, we need to align the face with the system. Then we need to remove the hat and sunglasses. When you need to take it, you can do it again.
Networked system self-service lockers: Networked system self-service lockers are generally based on the card-based system, so the use of direct access to the card system self-service lockers.
Micro channel system self-service locker: This system was developed in the past two years. It is divided into toll-type and free-type, but it is the same for customers' use. When using, we scan the cabinet. On the WeChat QR code, you can open the door, and then scan the code again when you remove the item. If it is free, you can remove the item. If it is a fee, we need WeChat to pay a certain amount to be able to remove the item.

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