Summer car air conditioning use trick

Although the hot summer season has not yet arrived, our owners should also do a good job in car air conditioning maintenance to prepare for the hot summer.
1. What should you watch out for when using air conditioners?
1. When air conditioners are used in summer, the windows of the parked vehicles should be opened first, and the blowers should be blocked to allow the air in the cars to form convection. The hot air can be discharged outside the car and then closed to achieve rapid cooling. Second, shut down the air conditioner and shut down the engine before stopping to avoid increasing the starting load. Third, the use of air conditioning should open the inner cycle, so that the best cooling effect. Fourth, when the vehicle is stopped, avoid using the air conditioner for a long time, so as to avoid deterioration of the air quality in the vehicle and affecting the health of the vehicle.
2. How long is the maintenance interval for air conditioning?
Due to the complex environment in which the vehicle is used, many molds and odors will accumulate inside the air conditioning system. Maintenance of air conditioning is a must. Therefore, it is recommended to be suitable twice a year. It is better to clean or replace air-conditioner filters at the same time in the late spring and early summer and late fall and early winter.
3. How long does the air conditioner need to be replaced with refrigerant?
There is no fixed time for refrigerant replacement. It is advisable to use a professional 4S shop to inspect the refrigerant every year when using air conditioners, and add or replace them depending on the specific conditions.
4. How to choose refrigerant?
Selecting non-professional refrigerants will significantly reduce the life of the compressor. Use original refrigerant (R134a) as much as possible to protect the compressor. At the same time, my shop will recycle the refrigerant to prevent environmental pollution.


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