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Performance introduction
The road detection vehicle integrates and applies modern information technology to integrate the photovoltaic, IT, and 3S technologies into a vehicle-based platform. In the normal vehicle

Under the running state, it can automatically complete the data acquisition, analysis, classification and storage of road pavement images, road surface shapes, road facility stereoscopic images, flatness, and road geometry parameters. It provides effective data collection methods for road surface damage, flatness, rutting, and road safety hazard detection of highways, high-grade highways, urban municipal roads, airport runways, and digital management of road ancillary facilities.
Road inspection vehicles can provide authoritative and impartial basic inspection data for acceptance inspections and routine maintenance surveys of road quality inspection departments, provide professional technical solutions for road maintenance departments, and provide scientific decision-making basis for traffic asset management departments.
When the road test vehicle is working, it can complete the automatic detection of road conditions at a speed of up to 100 kilometers per hour. As the vehicle advances, the front ruggedness detector and flatness meter and the rear surface damage detector respectively transmit the detected data to the dual-CPU data processing workstation in the vehicle and form a road through the real-time and automatic processing of the items. Test Report. All test data of the system can be seamlessly connected with the database of the highway information management platform, which can then complete decision analysis and generate maintenance plans.
The role of road detection vehicles
The road test vehicle is a new type of vehicle equipment based on road maintenance and testing based on the current status of road development in China. The road detection vehicle is a system function for the detection of crack disease, vehicle removal and road disease detection, flatness testing, road auxiliary facilities testing, road information management and evaluation.
Basic configuration of road detection vehicle
Dimensions: 8160×2040×3120 (mm), Total mass: 4950 (Kg), Approach/Departure angle: 18/12.7 (°), Front suspension rear suspension: 1165/2010 (mm), Maximum speed: 120 ( Km/h), front track: 1690/1490 (mm), rear track: 1490 (mm), tire size: 7.00R16 LT 12PR, fuel type: diesel, number of springs: -/2. Mainly equipped with landscape cameras, laser rangefinders, rutting cameras, lasers, road cameras, encoders and other special devices. [1]

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