Liaoning drafts local acceptance criteria for floor heating

Liaoning drafts local acceptance criteria for floor heating A few days ago, the author was informed in the “Direction of the 2013 China Brand Warming Liaoning Summit” that the local standard “Land Warmer Construction Acceptance Specification Standards” led by relevant departments of Liaoning Province was being drafted. This standard will be applied to the floor heating project in Liaoning Province. The acceptance criteria for construction quality are clearly defined.

It is understood that the drafting and preparation of the standard will take full account of the geographical features of the Liaoning region, and formulate norms for acceptance standards for floor heating according to the local conditions and characteristics. At present, the Liaoning Province Floor Heating Association is actively cooperating with the Liaoning Provincial Decoration Association in drafting relevant provisions for ground radiant heating.

According to reports, the introduction of the standard will help promote the warming industry in Liaoning Province into the normative management track. The local construction company's construction method will rise to local standards. This will provide effective technical support for the technological innovation and technological advancement of the Liaoning Province's floor heating industry, which will promote the healthy and rapid development of the local floor heating industry.

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