How to achieve long-term development of dryer in our country?

While China's drying equipment has demonstrated its vitality, it has gradually exposed the shortcomings of its rapid development. How can we find solutions to these shortcomings so that our dryer industry can achieve long-term development?
China's dryer has developed rapidly because of two things: First, China's drying process is full of heritage, there are a large number of books that record the ancient Chinese drying process, of which the most widely affected is Ming Song Ying Xing's "Heavenly Creations." The drying process recorded in this book has greatly promoted the development of the drying industry in western industrial countries at that time, so for us, it is even more influential. Second, China is drawing on our long-standing drying process. At the same time, it also learns about modern drying processes and equipment technologies abroad.
These two aspects have promoted the rapid development of dryers in our country, but from the beginning to the end, the development of dryers in China has always been learning from, and did not go to their own innovation and development, this is a fatal point of the future development of dryer in our country, so For the future development of our country, China's dryer industry should make great efforts to develop its own dryer equipment independently, can learn from the successful experience of foreign countries, but completely copied will not be desirable.

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