What should I do if the agricultural machinery has a "service period"?

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] Every season, as long as you walk in the fields, you can see the busy figure of "Iron Bull". A farm machine walked through the field and was leveled in less than a while. The rice in the field is “grain returning to the warehouse”. However, do you know? When these "iron cows" are also tired, if these agricultural machinery are out of service, they will have great security risks. What about the iron cows that are "tired" and "sleepy"?

What should I do if the agricultural machinery has a "service period"?
Old agricultural machinery wants to "retire" How to change new and more cost-effective?
Liang Hongcheng, a master of Hechang Village, Tuoshi Town, Tianmen City, is a farmer in the village. He has been engaged in agricultural machinery for 30 years. He talked about his old agricultural machinery. He felt that the low efficiency of his work affected his income and he was very unsafe. Machine cutting wheat can be cut to 140-150 acres of land a day, the old machine can only cut to 70 acres of land a day. Old equipment still has a problem, when the head is turned, the brakes are not working, accidentally fell into the ditch."
Master Liang told reporters that many agricultural operators around the world wanted to replace the old ones. I heard that these old machines have subsidies, but I don’t know how these old machines can change "new machines"? In 2015, Hubei Province was included in the pilot provinces for subsidies for the retirement of agricultural machinery. In the first year, 64 counties and cities were selected for pilot projects. In 2016, Hubei Province revised and improved the agricultural machinery scrapping renewal policy and rolled it out across the province.
Ren Yaowu, director of the Hubei Provincial Agricultural Machinery Safety Supervision Station, said: "Now safety production and environmental protection are two duties that our government pays more attention to. It can be achieved by scrapping and renewing. One is to solve the problem of eliminating hidden dangers in safety production, and the second is to solve the problem. The green development of agricultural machinery."
In the Tianyuan Hongyuan Agricultural Machinery Professional Cooperative, the agricultural machine operators replaced the rotary tiller behind the tractor and were installing potato seeding machines to prepare for the subsequent mechanization of the potato. The cooperative has 2,000 mu of land and 15 combine harvesters. These combine harvesters are also being purchased in succession with the development of cooperatives, and some have a history of more than 20 years. Before the arrival of the reporter, Liang Hongqing, the chairman of the cooperative, had just replaced the new agricultural machinery with a 21-year crawler harvester.
According to the policy, the newly purchased agricultural machinery consists of two subsidies, namely: agricultural machinery purchase subsidy + scrap renewal subsidy. Old equipment that has been replaced can also be sold as waste. The chairman of the board calculated the account for the reporter. For example, the purchase of a new 150,000 yuan new agricultural machinery, the new machine purchase subsidy of 35,000 yuan, the scrap subsidy of 5,000 yuan, the sale of the old machine 800 yuan, so count one The new machine worth 120,000 has only spent 80,000. The newly purchased agricultural implements have more functions, and the straw returning and deep loosening operations can be used. The efficiency is also increased from the previous old machine to more than 30 mu per day, and the current day is more than 100 mu. The cost of purchasing agricultural machinery is 2 years. It can be recovered.
Xiao Qiming, deputy director of the Tianmen City Agricultural Machinery Bureau, told the reporter: "In the past, when there was no such policy, the people left the old equipment idle at home, and the enthusiasm after the implementation of the scrap renewal policy was very high."
According to incomplete statistics, up to now, there are 1.4 million tractors in Hubei Province, and 110,000 tractors have been used for more than 10 years, accounting for 12.7% of the province's tractors;
There are more than 90,000 combine harvesters, and 8,172 combine harvesters that have been used for more than 5 years, accounting for about 11% of the province's combine harvesters.
It seems that there are still a lot of old machines in the village, so who can apply for subsidies?
Luo Shaoxin, director of the Hubei Provincial Agricultural Machinery Safety Supervision Station, said: “The scrap renewal subsidy policy is the same as that of our agricultural machinery purchase subsidy. All the agricultural machinery operations and agricultural machinery are covered by our subsidies.”
Retirement subsidy policy, scrapped equipment for tractors and combine harvesters, the standard according to different models and horsepower subsidies are not the same, the tractor subsidy range of 500 yuan -11,000 yuan, harvester subsidy zone 3000-18000 yuan. At present, the province's implementation of the pilot program for scrapping renewal is the province, and each county has more than two collection points.
The Provincial Agricultural Machinery Bureau also reminded the villagers that when scrapping old machinery and equipment, they must have proof of legal source, and need to provide purchase invoices, driving licenses, purchase certificates issued by county-level agricultural machinery departments, and written certificates from village committees.

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