Tai Le Ma helps Jiangmen Hengli Stone Field Transport Vehicles to be safe and reliable

A quarry Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province bulk purchases Tellabs Ma eddy current retarder, fitted Yutong YT3761 type mine dump trucks, safe and reliable operation of the vehicle is guaranteed.

Tellema contributes to the safety of transport vehicles

Tellema contributes to the safety of transport vehicles

It is understood that the slope of the road in the mining area is very steep, with a maximum slope of 30% (about 17°). Originally, the heavy truck type of Hongyan King Kong was mainly used. Due to the problem of braking, the Hongyan King Kong vehicle has been unable to perform the safe transportation task. The mine then purchased Yutong Heavy Industry's YT3761 mining truck. This model was specially equipped with the typhoon eddy current retarder product of the world's No. 1 brand, which effectively improved the braking performance of the running vehicle and enabled the mining area to operate vehicles. safer.

The leaders of the mine and the driver had a deep understanding and learned that the Teller eddy current retarder is a frictionless electromagnetic brake that does not need to wear friction materials such as friction plates, and it can effectively save the main Brake pads and brake drums. The dump trucks in the mine usually need to replace the friction discs within 2 months. Yutong YT3761 mining car with Tellomar retarder installed has been used for more than three months. The friction plate wear control It's fine, and it will not be a problem for months. The Taylor Mali retarder relieves the frequency and intensity of the main brake, and the main brake overheating has been effectively controlled. Originally, it was necessary to add brake spraying water twice a day, which was time-consuming and destroyed the road. After using the Tellomar retarder, it only needs to add water once in two days, effectively improving the operating efficiency, and at the same time, it will not make the road muddy and affect the driving safety.

Mine leader said that with the Taylor Mali retarder , drivers have greater confidence in driving safety. When emergency braking is required, due to the proper temperature of the main brake, with the aid of the retarder, and without delay Compared with the speed of the vehicle, the braking distance can be shortened by 30%. At present, drivers generally improve their driving speed and can pull 2-3 times a day, which improves operational efficiency. After the driver has driven the vehicle with retarder, the retarder can no longer be separated from it!

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