The first million kilowatts of units directly into the UHV grid was successful

April 16, Anhui Huainan Ping Wei Power Plant Phase III expansion of the 5 million kilowatts unit successfully incorporated into the UHV power grid, becoming the world's first direct boost to 1000 kV and then access the UHV power grid power plants, Is an important milestone in the development of UHV power grids in China.

The unit passes a set of UHV step-up transformer with a rated capacity of 1.2 million kVA and boosts the terminal voltage from 27 kV to 1000 kV at one time and is connected to UHV Huainan Substation through a 5-kilometer UHV line. With the previous step up to 500 kV, and then 500 kV line access UHV substation, UHV autotransformer boost to 1000 kV compared to the program, significantly reducing the intermediate links, significantly improve the power plant sent Channel power transmission capacity and power grid security and stability.

UHV step-up transformer is the core equipment to realize direct connection of UHV power grid. Since the beginning of 2009, SGCC has conducted joint research with the five major power generation groups, major transformer factories, several research institutes and institutions of higher learning. In December 2010, TBEA pioneered the development of a UHV step-up transformer with a three-phase rated capacity of 1.2 million kVA and realized a design without partial discharge. The indicator has excellent performance, stable performance, and created a world record with engineering Application conditions. Since then, the West Group, West transformation, Shandong Electrical and Electrical, Tianwei change security has also successfully developed a prototype.

Approved by the State for the Phase III Expansion Project of Pingwei Power Plant Supporting UHV transmission project, after the approval of the access plan, the Company attached great importance to overcoming difficulties such as tight schedule, equipment shortage, difficulty in land acquisition and demolition, and cross construction height, etc. In 2015 March to complete the construction of high-quality tasks, in April successfully completed the commissioning and commissioning to meet the needs of power plants and grid.

The grid integration fully verified the feasibility and reliability of large power plants directly connected to the UHV power grid. The popularization and application of this technology can help to solve the problems such as tightness of transmission corridor, limited capacity and excessive short-circuit current of the system due to centralized delivery of large-scale energy bases. This is of great significance to promoting the intensive development of large-scale energy bases and promoting the development of UHV grids.

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