Adjustable differential pressure valve installation and commissioning

Adjustable differential pressure control valve does not require external energy, relying on the media itself is subject to pressure changes automatically adjust automatically eliminate the remaining network pressure head and pressure fluctuations caused by changes in flow, constant user import and export pressure, help to stabilize the system run. Installation and adjustment 1, the flow direction of the medium should be caused by the direction of the arrow of the valve body; 2, the adjustable differential pressure control valve should be installed in the water pipe, the valve connected to the pressure pipe, the other end of the pressure pipe connected to the water supply pipe, Pressure tube water supply side to install 1/2 "ball valve, in order to start the elimination of clogging; 3, before the pressure pipe in the water supply pipe should be installed on the filter to avoid poor water quality caused by the valve automatically adjust the function; 4, And the head of the water pipe should be installed before the pressure gauge, easy to adjust the control pressure; 5, found that the system flow is too large or too small, the possible reason is that pipe fittings installed in the block stuck in the valve plug , 1/2 ball valve can be closed for 3-5 minutes, then if it is lighter blocked, you can automatically eliminate, if still can not be eliminated, you have to open the valve check) Eliminate the blockage 6, control the pressure difference adjustment method: Reverse the lead time to adjust the regulator valve rod to observe the differential pressure gauge before reducing 0.01 MPa, the control pressure that is set by the 0.02 MPa to 0 03 MPa and so on; 7, adjustable differential pressure control valve Working pressure difference of 0.02 ~ 0.3 MPa, such as found after installation Working pressure 0.3MPa should be installed in the water supply pipe to manually adjust the valve to reduce heat supply at the pop device, the return pipe pressure differential pressure valve may only work at a small opening will produce long-term noise, but also greatly reduced The service life of the valve.

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